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🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉
qualladoom (375)

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new Hackathon!
It's been a loooong month without any new Hackathon and no big challenge, so I am happy to finally announce <about:you;>! As we all know, and The Office taught us, "Why say many word, when few words do trick?", so let's cut straight to the case. 🎉

<about:you;> Is about, as you might already have guessed from the name, you! Ok, maybe that was a bit too few words. To not cause confusion, here's the info:

  • Theme: Personal websites, apps, games, whatever floats your boat. The final project should be able to inform someone about somebody (e.g. yourself)
  • Event ends:January 20th, at 18 o'clock UTC.
  • Judges: Me (@enigma_dev) and Edwin (@eankeen)
  • Judged for:
    • Creativity
    • Readability of code
    • General appearance
  • 🚨IMPORTANT🚨! We understand that not everyone is comfortable sharing info about themselves online, so you can, for sure, make a page about a special person (even your cat or dog!) Here is an example of how it might look: a website, by Edwin

Enough of them bullet points. Let's talk about prizes.


Place 1:
🎉Of course, a great website still needs a domain to be linked to. So, place 1, gets a free .com domain subscription for a year+ a Repl.it shirt+ 12 months of our Hacker Plan for free!🎉

Place 2:
Repl.it shirt+ 12 months of our Hacker Plan for free!

Place 3
8 months of our hacker plan for free!

Place 4+5
1 month of our hacker plan for free!

🎉So folks, get coding! 🎉(And submit your projects in Challenge)


1 months of our hacker plan for free!

1 months

edit: they fixed it

zask59 (3)

I am new to this community but I think I'm gonna attempt to jump in on this, it sounds like fun haha! Can't wait to see what people come up with!

Kognise (460)

SMH regifting the domain you won for a giveaway I ran :P

Kognise (460)

@M4cs enigma getting #exposed #canceled

M4cs (23)

@Kognise #banenigmafromhackathons get this trending

21natzil (1223)

But @enigma_dev, where do I submit my project?

qualladoom (375)

Submit your project in the talk channel"challenge". I'll unlock it [email protected]

AdCharity (1328)

@21natzil I feel like this question was staged


@AdCharity 99% chance it was staged

AdCharity (1328)

So who won? Is it on the discord?

kingretracted (30)

eee i just want the shirt out of anything

shreykeny (6)

Hey, the deadline date has been extended to 25th right ?


Can I make something about anyone, like literally anyone?

LittleNomster (116)

will try my besst i dont know much html tho

ThePhoenixfish (41)

Can We Use Templates?


Can I work with a friend?

merrillUwU (22)

for the challenge can you also make rpls about your self


does it have to be a website? and can I submit something im already working on (like one of my side projects?)

qualladoom (375)

could also be an app, whatever presents you/whatever the [email protected]

PowerCoder (742)

Yes! Finally I get to participate in a hakathon.


do you have to do a website or can you use other languages like python

JoelMenezes (19)

What code language is a hackathon used for?

AdCharity (1328)

@JoelMenezes it’s a website so node or html

AdCharity (1328)

@JoelMenezes but I’m sure any language will work if it’s about yourself

TylerBernardo (15)

Instead of doing it about my personal info, am I able to do it about something I enjoy that is a part of what people see me as?

Zavexeon (1166)

Finally something to motivate me to finish zave.tech.

AdCharity (1328)

@Zavexeon adcharity.tech is a lost cause

Dart (1202)

@AdCharity me standing in the background with my basic repl domain website

AdCharity (1328)

@Zexogon lmao. If you're a student you can get a free one from the github student developer pack.

JackFly26 (114)

Could I do like a d&d character creator with a default on my character which has all of his description?


@ThatSmart but all the stats are at 1, except for intelligence which is 2