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Replit Discord: Summer Kickoff Celebration!! ☀️😎

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Hey there,

! Summer vacation is in full swing now, and to kick off the start of the season we’ll be hosting a Summer Kickoff Celebration all day here in the Discord on June 30, so come by and have fun!

We have an (almost) full day of games, events, and panels planned and you can hop in at any time to join in on the fun times. If you're planning on attending, please fill out this form so we can answer your questions during the Q&A panels:

There’ll be a Q&A with Replit Team members (and our very own Discord Manager 👀), a Hacker Royale, Kahoots and Trivia, and a lot more! There’ll also be an awards ceremony where we highlight some prominent community members and their accomplishments. If you’d like to vote for nominees, you can do so here:

The Celebration starts at 11 A.M. (EST) on June 30, and lasts until 9 P.M, so invite a friend and join us! Make sure to join the Discord if you haven't already!


Also huge shoutout to everyone who was selected as a nominee for the Replit Awards! Here are the award categories and nominees!

Friendliest Friend Award

Jack of All Trades Award

Perfectionist Award

Coding Wizard Award

Moderation Champion Award

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