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Advent of Code Sponsorship
21natzil (1176)

It's that time of year again. Massive sales (like our discounted hacker plan) are going on, lights are being set up, and festivity is in the air. No matter what you are or aren't celebrating, you can participate in the Advent Of Code, a competition where people race to complete computer science puzzles.

For each day until Christmas, two puzzles, with the second being based on the first puzzle, are revealed at a set time. You're awarded points based on how fast you complete a puzzle after it's released.

While competing worldwide is fun, competing against people you know makes things much more interesting! So be sure to join Repl.it's private leaderboard and see how you compare to other Repl Talk users. Go to adventofcode.com/2020/leaderboard, login, and then put in this code: 374141-a103628b.

We also created some repl, to help streamline the Advent of Code experience! Thanks @Scoder12!

We hope you'll participate, and have fun during this event!

P.S. If you want to share your solution, Repl Talk is a great place to do so.

AJDevelopment (151)

@Nettakrim pog - o = pg, pg + in = PING

Lost0Soul (106)

No More Pogs


@Coder100 - Is Advent of Code still there? Can I still participate this year? Or am I too late?

Edit - Meh, forget it...its too hard for a dumb person like me...I tried the problems and couldn't get even one right...


@Lekfisken - play of the game :)

AmazingMech2418 (1044)

I just decided to go back and do some of the 2019 ones in preparation and I'm already in 5th in the private leaderboard. LOL!

AmazingMech2418 (1044)

@TsunamiOrSumth That's the 2020 one. LOL! Look at the 2019 one. Just change the URL from 2020 to 2019.

21natzil (1176)

@AmazingMech2418 That's what I'm doing on the Discord server! Join if you want to go over them together!

AmazingMech2418 (1044)

@21natzil I definitely would if I had Discord! LOL!

21natzil (1176)

@AmazingMech2418 It's free, and you can use it in your browser!

AmazingMech2418 (1044)

@21natzil Yeah, but I'm not allowed to get an account for anything or download any software without explicit permission from my parents... :/ Ever since I joined GitHub before I was 13 because I didn't read the Terms of Service... (I'm older than 13 now, of course! LOL!)

21natzil (1176)

@AmazingMech2418 Understood, Repl Talk will be here for you if you need help aswell!

claudedufont (1)

@AmazingMech2418 Yes, there is something in it!

LandonBundy (1)

Is anyone else using the game boy color version

ajdEnder (0)

I know I'm like 8 days late, but when I try to join the private leaderboard, AoC tells me it's full. Is there a secondary one? Or am I just too late to the party?

Kittynine87 (2)

I wanna play! But how do yuo???

Kookiez (389)

@Kittynine87 ._.
well why don't you click here and click the "About"? And while you're doing that, click here to access the leaderboard. then login, and put in this code to access repl.it's private leaderboards: 374141-a103628b
also try reading the post, except if you don't know how to read lol

ghostgravity (1)

am new what is this

Error909Github (0)

i have hacker memebership

badst (655)

oh so it is based on time well then i got to stay up until 12 ffs LOL

chuckwondo (0)

@Scoder12 thanks for the templates. Just a couple of bug fixes for your get_day function in your Python template:

I believe this:

prompt = f"Enter day" + f" (max {max_day})" if max_day else ''

should be this:

prompt = f"Enter day" + (f" (max {max_day})" if max_day else '')

and this:

if max_day and day <= max_day:

should be this:

if max_day is None or day <= max_day:
Scoder12 (842)

@chuckwondo You're right, thanks! Fixed.

elCocodrilo (0)

I only see 61 people on the leaderboard. Is that all there are from repl.it, or is it spread over several leaderboards like PyDis?