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Achievement Hunting Club!
21natzil (1208)

'Aight! Welcome to the Repl.it Wilderness. Here you'll find giant bugs, massive robots, and a place to code. If you and your friends want to conquer this vast landscape, you should join the Achievement Hunting Club!

The Achievement Hunting Club, or AHC, is a group of people set on getting every achievement Repl.it has to offer. This might mean helping out hunting partners in Ask in a time of need, or suiting up and adding a profile picture to your bio!

For those unfamiliar with Repl.it Achievements, it's a new feature we're giving to our explorers, to keep track of certain tasks they've completed as they use Repl.it. You can find a list of our current achievements here.

How do you join the AHC? Simple! Just comment below how many achievements you currently have, and let your fellow AHC members know if you need help getting any! Be warned though, the AHC does not permit cheaters who create posts for the sake of getting achievements. Only honorable posts will be admitted.

With that said, get hunting! And once you've got an achievement (which you can view on your profile, once you have the explorer role) be sure to comment and let us know!


uhh... what does this mean???

SandraTan (3)

Hi, I am a new repl user who is a complete novice and new to this whole talk community thing, and I have a couple of questions.
How exactly do I get the achievements? You say I get achievements by talking about how many I have, so what exactly do I do?
Thank you very much. I am contactable via email at [email protected]
I appreciate your time and attention. Please stay safe and mask up to keep the virus at bay, while keeping six feet apart.

JasonLiu19 (71)

@SandraTan Go to your profile, edit it, go to roles and turn on explorer. Go back to your profile, click on achievements, then click on "What are Repl.it Achievements?"

SandraTan (3)

@JasonLiu19 come to think of it bro, I'm nnot interested

CoolCoderSJ (690)

my achievements, anyhoo, i really want repl.it famous and repl.it guide (And i think those are the only ones left for me)

DarkUnicorn13 (0)

I just started. I have achieved the mask off achievement and working towards the rest

LatencyYT (15)

for the smartone's among us, if you are impostor and click on the impostor file then you will forever be impostor unless you run it again.

Smart0ne (749)

@Pixelblock I think it's just your good luck. :) Or maybe you edited the code? Idk, but I don't think it's a problem with the code.

LatencyYT (15)

@Smart0ne but I got impostor 73 times in a row before I thought ran it again 'cause I wanted to be crewmate

TalinSharma (77)

I have:

I started in September and turned on the explorer thing like 2-3 weeks ago. Don't judge! Can I come into this club that is yours?

RayhanADev (2609)

@TalinSharma I mean, it’s not a club this post is just where people post how far they are in achievements I think I mean there could be a super-secret club idk ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ.

RayhanADev (2609)

@TalinSharma but good job, you made lots of progress!

TalinSharma (77)

Thanks, I just got level one off unstoppable repler [email protected]

RayhanADev (2609)

I think I’m doing well:

Not like I’m going to get 1 Year Club any time soon Is the Multiplayer one broken?

TsunamiOrSumth (539)

@RayhanADev ofc ur doing well, you have unstoppable level 3, thats tuff

RayhanADev (2609)

@tsunami21 nono multiplayer is the hardest (not including 1 year club b/c I’ve been here for a month so like never xd). Multiplayer is the most broken achievement ever, like what defines a multiplayer repl? meh bren hurt.

TsunamiOrSumth (539)

@RayhanADev i just stabbed myself with a thumbtack, put me out of my misery

realTronsi (923)

@RayhanADev yes multiplayer and correct answers for me are both broken

littlewood2000 (0)

hi how are you
hope we can talk soon

TheNethrRaven (86)

Hi! Can I Join? I am pretty sure I would have mask-off.

509robotic (6)

but this does sound fun :)

509robotic (6)

can you plz unpin this? it gets in the way thx

DJWang (1358)

Here's what i have:

Jlasseter13 (1)

Just joined the explorer program. All I have right now is Mask Off.

firefish (953)

@21natzil I think the "mask off" achievement implies .... other things given the current circumstances

firefish (953)

@Codemonkey51 No, seriously, they should change it until COVID ends

MemeManHimself (102)

I remember explorer, I think I turned it off, but I just saw it and then remembered about it. I think it reset all of my achievements besides mask off ;-;. And then I found this post shortly after. I only, as I said earlier, mask off now. ;-;-;-;

Kookiez (406)

@ivanchang309 you don't have any achievements... wdym?

JosephSanthosh (992)

omg yeh whats up zwacky?

samyesthebest (1)

I have one.
It's mask off.

Haizi (2)

I only have Mask Off because I just started using repl.it again.

Zavexeon (1166)

I have a disturbingly small amount of achievements.

firefish (953)

@Zavexeon You should be lucky you got the Trending one, not a single soul in the world upvotes my posts lol
I am an idiot; the One Year Club looks similar to the Trending one it's not funny

BD103 (139)

I only have one: Mask Off, but I hope to get more! :)

ComputingSquid (47)

also how do I get multiplayer...
i've been invited to quite a few repls.
and posted a couple on repl.it...

RayhanADev (2609)

@ComputingSquid that true, I’ve been invited to a lot but it’s never worked...

LoganKwan (5)

i only have one... lol

Coder100 (18902)

if someone else has more achivements than me you are lying
ok seriously do tho

Coder100 (18902)

there might be more idk @firefish

firefish (953)

@Coder100 Well you have all of the ones listed on the help page: https://repl.it/achievements

firefish (953)

@Coder100 That's seven.

How many do you have again? Was it seven?