Fatmaggbft99nt (0)
I don't know how to use repl it
Can any one help me please
DavidCooperChey (1)
#WEEKLY Challenge #5 submission
This is one way to solve the weekly challenge. I originally didn't ask for input, because I didn't notice that it said to *prompt* the user for input,...
MidoriGrenner (0)
My Favorite Candies
These are some of my favorite Candies!!!
a5rocks (819)
#WEEKLY 5 comparison
Just read the comments for an idea of what is going on.
CodeLongAndPros (1589)
#WEEKLY Episode V: The == strikes back.
This week's weekly challenge is to compare two ints without using comparisons || (math operators). There should be a bit of text before the program l...
GameDev Simulator
Can you guys tell me what I should add to my game? It is a Game Maker Tycoon, where you can name your game, earn money, and level up. I'm planning on...
LouiYamashiro (0)
Wizard or Muggle test
Wizard or Muggle test is super super super cool and awesome! You should try it!!!!
VictorDot (0)
How can we handle coronavirus
Here wo go into some important decisions about Coronavirus Corona Be like -_-
Codemonkey51 (1048)
#WEEKLY 5 the second
~~disclaimer: THIS IS NOT MY SUBMISSION THAT IS [HERE](https://repl.it/talk/share/WEEKLY-5/40567)~~ ok so this is my other way that's like 7 lines lo...
i need an answer
hi, i need to know if there is a way to upload files in a python with turtle repl because in a python with turtle repl there is not the file section
HahaYes (1862)
What version of matplotlib does Repl use? Program doesn't work
mshaffer22 (0)
Word Scramble Game!
Welcome to... WORD SCRAMBLE! Choose a puzzle length of 5-8 letters and see if you can unscramble it before the computer! Every ten seconds, the comput...
ZachariahTimmin (0)
10-Dice Roll
Rolls two dice. Also school project
MrEconomical (2279)
#WEEKLY Challenge #5
Since binary operators are allowed, here is a simple solution making use of XOR to check if numbers are equal (134 bytes). Most of this is input check...
CodingCactus (4191)
#WEEKLY the fifth one
My submission, for the fifth of the weekly challenges :)
AtticusKuhn (241)
#WEEKLY challenge #5
this is my submission for weekly number 5
Codemonkey51 (1048)
DISCLAIMER: read edits this is not my submission this was a simple one how I did was I took advantage that in python if two entries in a tuple are e...
AbhishekSharm36 (0)
How to display map created using Folium, in REPL Online Compiler?
Hi, I'm trying to create a map using Folium and display it in the REPL Online Compiler. Please tell me the easiest way to display the map. import fol...
TheDrone7 (1777)
Weekly Challenge #5
Hello again fellow replers! We just finished our first series of weekly challenges and at the end of a month, @CodingCactus who was ranked 1st receive...
PawanKumarKuma1 (0)
Sleeping Teaching Assistant
![Uploading Project description.pdf...]() ![Uploading Project_su20.pdf...]() This is My Project Can anyone solve using the Specified criteria given
bodge (1)
mplfinance package not working
mplfinance package can't be downloaded.
AndreyYolkin (0)
Списки из зума для пар ИТМО Списки из зума для пар ИТМО Списки из зума для пар ИТМО Списки из зума для пар ИТМО
KesavKalanidhi (0)
Kesav Kalanidhi Homework 3
My Homework for Class 3
Arxtic (7)
Here is a extremely simple code. It talks about the Coronavirus I highly recommend reading it
ChezCoder (1589)
Predict YOUR future with the MAGIC 🎱 BALL!
plz suggest more responses for the magic 8 ball :D also comment bugs, and FEDbeak :DDDDDDD ``` ____ / Hi \ |/ 🎱__🎱 ``` # K BYEEEE
whackdab (9)
What do you think is the most useful coding website and language?
please do this survey and also comment your answer. I will most likely reply back. THANK YOU!
Mathew123891 (0)
Basic horse racing game.
Uses text and tabs to move the horses along.
Mathew123891 (0)
Very simple Monty Hall problem simulator
The code is terrible but it works.
AngelosSeretis (0)
Explains the current situation. ![Uploading corona...]()
VMTU (37)
Who can collab?
I want to collab, I can code in Python, Javascript, HTML CSS JS, some c++, etc. You can decide the project.