SolomonYu2 (1)
Cat Miner
A idle clicking game. Inspired by Dogeminer.
MarblesAndMore (61)
Magic 8 Ball
# Need all your problems solving but don't have anyone to ask? Well, use this super magic 8 ball! >Batteries not included Yes or no questions onl...
AlfonsoTorres (6)
Help with your NASA Project
![alfonso]( **Hello my name is Alfonso Torres and th...
AProgrammer (24)
Internships / Jobs
Where are you guys located, and would you be interested in ever doing things like internships for new software engineers?
ebest (665)
Monty Hall
I'm trying to make the Monty Hall problem using python. Random does not seem to be so random. What's the problem? Ok...
JacobMacLeod (12)
This is our submission for the about me challenge, hope you like it! (we are two brothers with a shared account) https://about-me-challenge.jacobmacle...
objectme12 (45)
cyancoding did u want to make a game with me
i want to make a good game but i dont know what to make so i was wondering if you wanted to make one with me
4 choices: 1).a not impressive game 2).numbers 3).rock paper scissors 4). math problems
you get 4 choices what would you choose? not very impressive, not that good and plz answer and upvote if you like and plz tell me if I can add anythin...
theamazingplant (3)
What is a debugger and how do I use it?
I am new to programming, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. What is a debugger and how do I use it? I look at the debugger and I have n...
ChimaNwosu1 (7)
Coordinate System/ Moving
Got this from a snake game but reduced the code so I can understand it. Tell me what you guys think; whether I should simplify it or if there is a bet...
Duvangamer3845 (127)
VideogamersForever/updating the webpage
this is a old project and some persons know about that but im gonna still working on that
TorranceNunn (2)
How is the index number -1 out of range?
In line 14 in the Roshambot file, I keep getting an error that says the index number I want to pull info from is out of range. I don't know what the p...
hazelpy (8)
Bubble Sort Visualization (With Color)
I wrote a visualization for the bubble sort algorithm in Pygame, but since it was too boring, I added a forever-changing background that smoothly chan...
KobeFF (1260)
What should I add next?
Hi, this is Kobe. I made this website with my friend, Om Silwal (He has an account here on I know I'm not very experienced (Partly because I...
FrancisBrennan (17)
Cool-Looking Lines
Go fullscreen and move your mouse around.
laksh5 (181)
3D Game! XD.
[Closed]My audio🔉 isn't working in Python🐍
# **[CLOSED]My audio🔉 isn't working in Python🐍** Here's my code: ```Python from replit import audio audio.play_file("paper_sound.wav") ``` And yes,...
inyourface3445 (37)
prime95 w/python
A program that will detect primes within a given range.
opplayz (1)
My first ever c++ project
This is a calculator. Not much else to say...
Rigos (4)
Dragon warrior
This game was created by two people during a computer science lesson. Let us know in the comment section, what would you improve! Play the game usi...
NicholasHuaman (3)
Bullet Hell - Guided missiles
Hi! I could do with some help with making the bullet have a trajectory, following the path of an ellipse as it hits the player... rather than the two...
how do i put game hack scripts in here and it work??
tell me what this is i dont like it
LiekeSaxion (7)
Can't find File, new file or new folder 'button'
Hello, sorry for a newbie question but sometimes when I open my file I do not get the most left column where I see my files, and where I can a...
VulcanWM (2341)
Murderer's Case
Find the murderer and avoid getting captured. This game is quite short but can interest people. I have magpied some ideas like the battle bus from For...
Kloco12 (2)
My ChatBot
Hello Replit User, I've made a ChatBot that can register your username and says your name in most messages There will be messages at the top where i...
CattusChief55 (6)
Script Problem
Using C++, keep getting a load of error messages from this script. Anyone know how to fix or what's wrong with it?
mattman101 (4)
this is very basic but i made it so you can move around the map
HahaYes (1862)
Name Change?
Hmmmmmm people are getting tired of the great HahaYes.... Should I change my name to.. wallstreetbets chickennuggets equationuggets DynamicCactus Coo...
totoeevee (14)
please comment on suggestions i need them i hope this will become popular