ChezCoder (1589)
Machine Learning
Im making a neural network that would guess the price of an item. The input is the text converted into a number and the output would be the price that...
Vandesm14 (2644)
Search Easier with Query!
Query makes searching content on multiple sites easier and more streamlined. Forget the hassle of copying and pasting your search query to multiple si...
LimanData (31)
Python OS 0.1.2 released
Minor updates/tweaks. Finally finished the documents section, allowing saved documents and a way to clear them if desired. The next version has been...
MemeManHimself (100)
I finally learned 3d...
Yes I finally did it... yay... I think? edit: hahah wow 6 upvotes more than I expected honestly
JeswinSunsi (31)
A Cool Python Mini App
Hey! Here's a small program that I made in Python. The code was inspired from Mike Dane. (He's really good, go check him out too at My p...
Wilke000 (624)
Colorful Thing That @ZDev1 and I Made
This is a colorful thing that @ZDev1 and I made! It is also one of the many great projects I have done! Please look at it! ![Image20200403154912](htt...
Highwayman (1441)
(Not So) Quick C++ Tutorial - Make A Cipher!
> why am I making this? > because I’m bored plz read me. I have actually tried to make a C++ tutorial over and over again, but each time I always enc...
FloCal35 (502)
Star Wars- CloneRPG/Simulator
> I've been working on this project for a month and after writing 1000 lines of code and doing many bug tests, I give to you... # *Star Wars: Clone (...
EeganRam1 (11)
Mental Pong
Pong without graphics, maybe or not.
WesleyDzurilla (4)
Quiz Time!!
This is suppose to be a quiz (?) and my first (REAL) project! I hope you enjoy! (THIS IS NOT MEANT TO STEAL INFO)
AmazingMech2418 (1039)
π in Pascal
Here is a new addition to my series of pi approximations! This one is in Pascal! Here are the other approximations so far: D -
ninja2k11 (31)
anoying little bro sim
inspired by @firedragondnd's anoying little brother game
Wilke000 (624)
Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?
@BLoBBERT and I are trying to make a *game* with if/else statements. Please help!
LegendaryWolf (701)
How to change terminal color in python
How to change terminal color in python, pls help meh!
MayFly404 (2)
Live chat
This is a live chat made based off of an email I received. using NodeJS.
MarkKreitler (66)
Javascript Games: Lesson 1 -- GuessIt
# Introduction This is the first tutorial in a series designed to teach basic JavaScript game programming. It's the spiritual successor to BASIC Compu...
HackerSK (9)
programming jam
Heeeeeeello! I am posting this because I have a question about the programming jam that is happening this month. I want to make a language too, but I...
Whacko (320)
PHP | All You Need to Know!
# **ULTIMATE** ***PHP*** **TUTORIAL!** This is the *ultimate* tutorial on PHP! From echoes to passwords-it has everything! Let's get started *right aw...
Coder100 (17105)
# WEEKLY 9 IDK if I'm ok anymore... Anyways, here's my entry that I worked way too much on. Enjoy! I don't shoot photographs, I ***take*** them. Ap...
VulcanWM (2340)
Hollow Part 2
Guys welcome to Part 2 of the Hollow. If you haven't played the first part, play it right now. Comment on what I should do on the next level.
hi people, how are you , i do 3 repl's and it is very fun
VyomJain (27)
Pokemon Battle simulator
This program is a battle simulator in which you can battle pokemon with your Raichu.You can use items, check enemy stats and attack the enemy PLEASE...
awesome1238765 (26)
Just a simple drawing game with some improvements
Just a simple drawing game with some improvements dont now what to put in here so typing random stuff made with the help of Me54321 with the save and...
PYer (3913)
After a surprising popularity with my simple replit api, (, I decided to make another one. Man...
CodingAndMemes (37)
Web Server Using Node.js
### Hello! This is my first tutorial, so if you find any mistakes or anything you want me to fix please say so in the comments! *** # How To Make A We...
EpicGamer007 (1635)
Windows CMD tutorial - batch
# Windows CMD tutorial ##### Use the windows command prompt to your advantage! Hey everyone! I was exploring some stuff about Windows and hacking cau...
mat1 (4381)
Running Searx on
Using git integration, I managed to get a metasearch engine running on **Disclaimer: I did not make Searx. It is an open source proj...
TimothyAnderso1 (127)
What Are Cycles?
Recently I earned 5 of them, but don't know what they are any idea?
GatewayDuckYT (48)
Join My Team
### People BANNED FOREVER FROM THIS PROJECT @Crosis # also we are talking project ideas if you have an idea please comment it We also Love the idea...
totoeevee (14)
hey for some reason the other repl doesn't work so ima post another one