bennyrobert (47)
How can I get my CSS script to apply to all my webpages?
Hi, I'm new to HTML and am building a basic website. I've created a css script, but it only applies to my homepage (index.html), and all the other pag...
AmazingMech2418 (1044)
Question About Memory Capabilities
So, I'm working on making a quantum computer simulator in Node.js and I got this error when trying to run a 16-qubit program: ![image](https://stora...
w4823m (2)
How can I change background color of the console division?
Because I am a lightly color blind person, the console division background is too dark to see clearly. Especially when an error message appeared, the...
Pizzaz4me (63)
Button Not Working, struggling to position <h3> tag
So, I created another folder, and tried to get a button to link to a HTML file in that folder. But, it's not working. How do I do it? Also, I added a...
joshwood (117)
⛵The Journey of Bella Shores: Open-World, Story Driven, Trade and Combat Game
![Demo Gif]( ### [Play as Bella Shores in an adventure...
headiscoding (944)
How do you get a custom URL for your repl website?
How do you get a custom URL for your website?
mkhoi (318)
THE WACKY WARRIOR 🤪😵🙃!!! (v1.0)
🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 Become the Wacky Warrior and save the land! There will be 4 lands and 6 levels each which mean a total of 24 levels *_...
Python Tutorial (not all)
# Hello Guys!, i am zuhdi! Today i need to make for you a template about python... Python is an easy language to learn, So let's getting Started! # Fi...
COVID-19 checker (answer with Yes or No)
# Covid 19 checker on ### What on earth is this? A simple quiz to check how much chance is there for you to get affected. # ==============...
JonahElias (157)
How To Use Files In Python
# How To Use Files In Python #### In this tutorial, I will show you: * How to use text files. * How to use python files. If you like the tutorial...
JordanSilva (13)
how to download this code as a py file
I need to download this code I have written as a py file
PYer (3741)
Simple API Template (without API keys)
My two APIs gathered a lot of attention on repl talk, so I decided to create a template for creating a simple one! To keep it simple, I did not includ...
turbio (63) Stability Update
Some of you might have noticed some features on might have not been working quite as expected over the last few days. To be more specific, we'...
jajoosam (875)
A smart background removal tool 🎨
[colorSpace]( is a smart background removal tool based completely on the front end, so your pictures never leave...
CoolJames1610 (715)
How to use Tweepy in Python!
# How to use Tweepy in Python! (CAN USE THIS TO MAKE A DISCORD TWITTER BOT!) Please note that this tutorial isn't an in-depth tutorial on Tweepy. [Cl...
cebarriga (12)
Turtle Race
Watch And Enjoy Okay please jaja jaja !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adityakhanna (42)
How to make a very simple Neural Network based ML web app using teachable machine
Google just released teachable machine v2.0 and the point of this was to make machine learning _as easy as possible_ for people without a machine lear...
rorysharp (30)
Rock Paper scissors with neural network
Rock Paper scissors with a neural network for the computers move. Code on github and a walkthrough of the code on Med...
timmy_i_chen (1153)
Refer a Friend for Free Hacker Plans!
## What's this Referral Program? Do you want to get Hacker Plan, but are unable to pay? Worry no more - with the referral program, you can get Hacke...
TheForArkLD (776)
🌿 How to use Parsley on 🌿
# How to use(install) Parsley on ## 🌿 looks not parsley ## Ok, time for install. 1. Make [Bash repl]( 2. Write it t...
Coder100 (17007)
CookeyLang's BIGGEST enemy
# Gnal_yekooc Gnal_yekooc goes against *everything* CookeyLang stands for *and more*! ## About It uses snake_case and does not look like C, JS, or an...
minermaniac447 (280)
Hey, just figured I'd share this here since it's done. I recreated Tetris in the Python terminal. Controls on the start screen. It may be a bit laggy...
Purple01Flame (30)
Please open in a new tab!
Pythonier (315)
Worlds Hardest Game
Worlds Hardest Game, almost impossible. Still really hard. If you don't guess correctly you lose. 1 or 2 **New: Made harder now it takes more tries...
katyadee (1273)
😎App of the Week😎: Kognise's FontKey
This week's App of the Week is simple—press your space bar, and get a served a new font. The idea is to broaden your horizons... beyond Montserrat, be...
YuvMalik (15)
Embedding onto website without displaying code
Hi there, I was just wondering whether it was possible to embed a Repl onto a website or anywhere without displaying the code but, only the end result...
MRnonbinaire (18)
RPG game
voila les gens c un petit rpg sympa mais en gros c en anglais mais pas d'inquiétude c facile a comprendre bonne chance et bonne parti P.S: n'oublier...
bbarghothi (3)
Are you brain dead?
Find out if you are a functioning member of society by taking my quiz :)
Roar123 (447)
Binary Calc (Steps + Cool Graphics)
# Intro This is exactly what it sounds like - a binary calculator, complete with steps so you can view the program's process and bask in the beautiful...
mrbrawler (6)
A New Simulation
I have created a simulation about game theory using Python. Please comment below if there are any bugs to be fixed. Thanks! GitHub repository: https:...