Spyder101 (7)
Bank Chase 1
ZobDuTurfu (41)
Roulette Game
Made this little roulette game for fun. Should use files and save to make it more interesting :) Hope you'll enjoy it. https://repl.it/@ZobDuTurfu/...
Red_Blaze_Gamin (5)
Number Guessing Game V.1
PurePanic99 (17)
fast mail
mavrK (37)
Getting some ruby practice in https://repl.it/@mavrK/Mastermind
MobSlicer152 (5)
You said you wanted pizza?
JoannotFampionona (8)
FluidSim Piano
https://pianovisual2--joannotfampionona.repl.co/ /!\Don't forget to enable sound within ten second after the page loaded up/!\ ![image](https://stora...
PurePanic99 (17)
not amazon
dustinchiasson (7)
Rooms 2
MattyGraphick (5)
discord bot template
Discord bot template, edit using the index.js. to edit this you need to know some information about discord bot creation. if you seek help check googl...
qstar03 (5)
You Find Yourself in a Room
This is a little text-based adventure game I'm slowly working on. I am a female Sophmore in High School and I'm still learning. This is the first thin...
TommyPhun (10)
laksh5 (179)
3D Game!
https://dependablewryvariables--laksh5.repl.co/ XD.
yevb (5)
Repl.it IRL
Post your overcomplicated "Hello World" program here!
MuhammadArshad (7)
Painting Simulator
You can draw here. You can use only colours which have no name\(e.g \#a1ff00 \) or one word colours\(e.g blue\). Enjoy! https://repl.it/@MuhammadArs...
favours (5)
https://repl.it/@favours/Bingo I found a stack of bingo sheets that my school uses. I'm inputting them into one of my first programs, and on the day...
HunterW1 (15)
https://repl.it/@HunterW1/Blackjack I just felt like making a blackjack bot and this is pretty fun!
eshadeslayer (5)
https://repl.it/@eshadeslayer/2048 A text-based version of the mobile game 2048
macadaegk21 (5)
A game in which 2-4 players are placed onto a grid and fight each other. Players fight by moving into an occupied space. Resting at full health will i...
zerro009 (5)
Tic Tac Toe in C++
Here's my first C++ project: https://repl.it/@zerro009/Tic-Tac-Toe
Cryyptic (10)
Rock Paper Scissors in C++
Still new to C++! https://repl.it/@Cryyptic/Rock-Paper-Scissors
Crupette (11)
A little dungeon crawler that uses color. https://repl.it/@Crupette/Dungeoneer
nguyj4278 (5)
Random number generator in C#
https://repl.it/@nguyj4278/Random-Number-Generator Has fail-safes and can generate any amount of numbers you want in any range!\(excepts above 32 bit\...
Zach_Crandall (7)
The Dark (beta)
https://repl.it/@Zach\_Crandall/The-Dark-testing A text-based game I made on Python 3. Just a simple shell that I've worked on, I'm thinking of makin...
rahimklaber (5)
My first encryption
program written in python that can encrypt and decrypt strings: https://repl.it/@rahimklaber/rahims-first-encryption
Migwi_Ndungu (5)
This is a terminal based maze runner game where the player is supposed to locate someone hiding in the maze before the scores get to zero.
CalvinG (5)
https://repl.it/@CalvinG/Monopoly This is a bare bones version of monopoly. You are currently unable to buy houses and hotels and jail does not work.
21natzil (1175)
Repl.it Forker!
This program will have you supply your account details \(not saved, you can see the source\) and it will then fork this repl! ![image](https://canny.i...
pyelias (2362)
It's a chatroom! https://repl.it/@pyelias/Chatroom Uses my database website and an api from this project: https://repl.it/ibuiltthis/p/forum-interne...
Gotcha (7)
PythonDictionary(Not an actual dictionary. I'm not boring like that.)
https://repl.it/@Gotcha/PythonDictionary It's a dictionary/tutorial thing for python 3 that I'm working on. Search for anything in python and it will...