avibeskrowni (153)
how to make wall detection in a platformer using p5js?
(ignore the repl) i have planned out a platformer game, but while coding it in vscode i encountered a problem that i don't know how to fix. i don't k...
SergeantGraham (5)
Ever wanted to learn how to use Go? Here's my advice.
# Want to learn Go? So, I have heard that many people want to learn how to learn Go. Reason? Well, my reason that I learned go, is so I could learn a...
spkc (3)
to run applet
Please help to run applet in repl
ArshKumar1 (1)
this is a flower it was hard to make
DigitCommander (35)
How to use the div tag in HTML, CSS, JS to make an image in your repl.
First you have to upload an image from the three vertical dots and click 'Upload File' (nothing upwards of 7+ for the age requirements, please) Then...
CyberHacker101 (111)
Wait...why is this happening??????????
![Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 2.36.25 PM](
Baconman321 (1046)
How do you get the content creator tag and what are templates
How would you get the content creator tag? Would you get it from making templates? Also what are templates? Could I create a minor framework and count...
rc999985 (3)
Caesar Cipher from 100 Days of Code
Encodes and Decodes messages. From the 100 Days of Code course, The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021 located on Udemy.
CoconutPear (1)
wHo ArE yOu AsSiGnMeNt Is HeRe OmG gOsH
... ![5o75ofausdp41]( wHo ArE yOu AsSiGnMeNt Is HeRe O...
mo2409 (14)
A very basic Python Calculator.
I am just starting to learn Python, So i thought I would make this simple Calculator.
BlueScoobyDoo (2)
How do you code tic tac toe
tell me how please i wanna play against myself
abdullahomar (4)
What is the name of the dark theme repl uses?
What is the name of the dark theme repl uses? Thank you
sugarfi (626)
Sunrise over Island SVG Art
# Sunrise over island This is a simple SVG animation of the sun rising over an island in the ocean. To view it, simply open the webpage and watch as,...
Xiija (3)
Submission: SomaFM Radio Player
# **SomaFM Radio Player for your browser!** *** Choose & Play SomaFM stations. #### Live Demo! (*click **twice** for external page*)... [Click for...
iacoder (2)
hey fellow replers, have my part two my part one is in templates part 3 coming! and please upvote me
in it is the hardest game ever created by @iacoder by python
Basic RPG game
Made a basic RPG game, please give any feedback you'd like. Always looking to make it better
TheDestroyer99 (11)
|WANTED| Dedicated Python Dev Team |WANTED|
UNPAID I Am Broke Sorry E-Mail Me at [email protected] if you wish to join Requirements: Able To Use Google Hangouts Has A Preaty Good Unders...
abdullahomar (4)
How to have have dark theme like repl in VS code, Atom and Sublime text
Out of all the dark theme, repl's dark theme is the only one that suits my eyes. So someone please tell me where I can get such theme for VS code, ato...
cpg12323 (5)
one question quiz
just enter your name then answer the question.
PunkerSapz (2)
ColorRain (Game Jam) The link above goes to my game. You are a blue ball. In your world a color rain is falling from above. Th...
eentams (0)
Can anyone tell me if the repl compiler works in China?
Can anyone tell me if the repl compiler works in China?
AdamL3 (2)
ᴇʟᴇᴄᴛʀɪᴄ ᴩᴏʟyɢᴏɴᴀʟ ᴄᴀɴᴠᴀꜱ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴏʀᴄʜᴇꜱᴛʀᴀ 🗲 💠 🎼 v2.0
### On-going study focused on canvas usage, iseditable DOM property, and async multimedia events. I made this while messing around trying to see ho...
melissa451 (1)
Food4Change- on a mission to help combat food inequality through education and resources.
LD1 (52)
Mobile Friendly Pong!
This is currently the only game I have that is mobile friendly. Play against the computer in this recreation of pong!
w0rldc0der (0)
How Do You Create A Tutorial?
How Do You Create A Tutorial? For example, why do I need to add my project on the top?
Vandesm14 (2636)
Hard Drive Simulator
This is another old program I made a year ago. It's pretty fun. You can use it to teach/learn about bytes and storage limitations. Enjoy? Enjoy!
tcscerncarnow (8)
Hang man
This is a hang man so yaaa Have fun!
dfnk (75)
raw to jQuery
How can I do `document.querySelectorAll('section')` in jQuery?
My Blog!
Check it out! It showcases my talents, along with my friend's. That's it!
PowerCoder (733)
Random game I made after watching robots playing games by themselves. Even though I'ts all random I still lose a whole bunch to this game.