maze maker(without AI or player, for now)
so, today i decided to code an AI which can go through a maze. but, this is first 3 hour coding, so i only built a maze builder, which you can create....
My New Games!
[(BETA) Detective Mission]( and [(BETA) Farm Simulator](
Zhang_Qi_Xiang_ (1)
How To Play The Game 2048?
On this website, I'm going to show you how to win the game 2048 with no effort put in.
Minecraft bedrock server: No hacker plan needed
# Minecraft Bedrock server! #No hacker plan needed! A while ago I saw @Scoder12 post [🔥Minecraft Server on!🔥](
sidkris (1)
Get latest FX rates
Get the latest FX rates for any base currency that you choose.
Chiling (35)
Guess the Secret Number GUESS....
theangryepicbanana (1694)
RPOTW #3 answers
Comment with a link to the repl you used to solve the problem!
cpg12323 (5)
4.4 assignment for computer science mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
number color number mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
DeanArvin (2)
How do I get started with React on
Hello! I've relatively recently begun to learn coding and now I'm trying to dive in to React. However, I feel a tad lost when I create a new React.js...
userSM (253)
Spritzlet Clone (not a complete copy)
I was inspired by a [post]( by @Vandesm14 to make this. The concept seemed pretty simple initially, b...
DigitCommander (35)
How to use the div tag in HTML, CSS, JS to make an image in your repl.
First you have to upload an image from the three vertical dots and click 'Upload File' (nothing upwards of 7+ for the age requirements, please) Then...
AlexanderTarn (280)
Dungeon Janitor
It's pretty simple. You are a janitor. You have to clean the dungeon. Go clean the dungeon. ... Oh your still here. To move, use AWSD. And if y...
baldman (2)
Kais question show, prsented by roadman jonathon token gesus.
join the questionair show brodem, gf, fam, guy, bae, and i oop n oop
On1road11 (2)
can anyone give me some discord bots repls pls :)
im trying to start learning how to make discord bots and webs with html/css/js and game enjine but im 13 years old so i have a big time to learn so ca...
byonano (3)
3D raycasting engine
Raycasting engine with pygame because why not. It has a great framerate on my computer, but because the framerate can only be as good as the servers (...
MmOo (2)
A short text based game for the challenge
The story follows you, a young child who aspires to be a famous musician. For the first section it is easy, you just have to make sure your fun doesn'...
C00lguy975 (22)
Lands Of Peril - Survival Game
It's pretty lame, but fun!
spkc (3)
to run applet
Please help to run applet in repl
RowanFromBJC (46)
JavaScript Functions, Arrays, and JSON
# Hello! Today, I'm gonna teach you how to use some JavaScript functions. So, `let`'s get into it! * Just don't use any of my bad styli...
KrishChawla (1)
Weighted Grade Calculator
Takes worth and value of subgrade and calculates final grade to the hundredths place.
tufik2 (1)
Standard vanilla implementation of Reactive Component with the advantage of update based in state.
YashPimpalshend (4)
Random Number Generator (Python) WRITTEN VERSION OF A LIBRARY
use this code to declare a variable with random value :-TO MAKE A VARIABLE WITH RANDOM VALUE ,USE THIS LINE OF CODE :- x = randint(#least value, #hig...
ShadowHoonter (69)
Put more word I can use(in uppercase) in the comments to make it more randomized please. -Easy, Normal, and Hard coming soon!
TurtleAndrew (197)
Why do I have an error?
Here's the code with the error: def G2(): global answer answer = input("\n(y/n) ➣ ") if answer == "y": slowPrint("\nWell then I agree with y...
SzymonPL188 (1)
🎮Tic Tac Go!
# 🎮Tic Tac Go! is a *tic tac toe* clone with implemented *multiplayer*! **Click** the cells(or boxes or **THE PLACES FOR THE X's AND O's**) to select...
Muffinlavania (1514)
Tasks (yay)
## Sup This is NOT finished, I just wanted to show you what i made for some tasks. Yes, this is another one of those among us things, but you cant do...
vedprad1 (907)
Is jQuery supported in HTML, CSS, JS?
# Is jQuery supported in HTML, CSS, JS? The question says it all. I keep getting the message that: `$ is not defined`.
LukaAndrocec (2)
Hi, See here the link to my first project Thank you, Luka
shivendrarox (1)
All bugs fixed, meets standard requirements.
the1asem (1)
Sudoko Solver
Sudoko Solver in C Accept an input of one 81 characters string as a puzzle.