itbarsoum (62)
Coin flipper For solving disputes :P
daniel_hsu (4)
Statistics Calculator This calculator allows the user to enter a set of number data. The program interprets the list given and lists...
wayanjimmy (2)
Linked List in Typescript using Closure
## Linked List in Typescript but use Closure instead of Class Inspired by this post [Computer Science in Javascript: Linked List](https://humanwhocod...
MarcusWeinberger (774)
Reviving r/replit - bot ideas?
So, I have recently been added as a moderator to the [r/replit subreddit](, and it is extremely dead. So far I've added a...
parker02311 (4)
I made this over a year ago for fun, feel free to enjoy!
frostedbutton75 (40)
make a working search bar html
# how???????????? ### note to answerer: thank you!
426729 (181)
Squaring Matrices This program gives you practice squaring matrices! You are timed and this is designed to help you s...
WyattKinzer1 (8)
is there a way to change a if i in range loop?
so I want to be able to add 5 to the if I in range loop, or is it possible to reseat it. It's not that important to me but it would be nice to know.Th...
Wolfclaw1226 (0)
Displaying .jpg and .png images in c++
Hi, I would like to know how to display images on the console in C++ with, can anyone give me an example program, if possible? Thanks!...
DanielC5th (86)
Probability Simulator
Roll dice, draw cards, and more.
Thanatos31005 (1)
How to make a private folder
hello I'm creating a discord bot and I need my json files to be private how can I do that without upgrading
arsagulmsk (3)
Jazz, Canvas, Math. See how music looks like. You can turn on any music you want, just change url in input element. Two lines are canvas paths, whic...
AidanMott (218)
football game
s640479 (4)
HansenMolly800 (3)
Flower Crown
It makes a little flower crown framed by a couple more flowers. I hope you like it!
Leroy01010 (413)
php again
some of my code is showing up in the site and there are 2 places where it asks your name please help on this code
CodeSalvageON (606)
Welcome to The Pharmacy! Bringing back guestbooks for freedom!
Welcome to The Pharmacy. What is The Pharmacy? The Pharmacy is a place you can safely share your most extreme views and/or scream without having to fe...
IvanLin (3)
Run a private file through link?
Hi,  I have a private file that I want to keep private, but is able to run through the link. But, when I make the file private, the link just shows co...
cnewling24 (2)
I need help with an if statement
So im pretty new to python, and i got my friend to help me with some of the code, but my other friend challenged me to make a 'Which nightsister from...
EpicGamer007 (1634)
Should I continue with java or learn c++
I don't know what I should do. I honestly want to become a game developer but game developers mostly code in c++ so I want to learn that but I have he...
gameprogammer (5)
Custom minecraft classic
This is a custom Minecraft classic Me and my friends created and it is hilarious.The controls are W,A,S,D to move and space to jump,b for inventory/b...
IntellectualGuy (714)
Ideas for calculator, and bug
I'm working on a small calculator than does a bunch of little functions, any ideas for anything I could add, also I've noticed that a ton of people ar...
BhuCoder (7)
Hey Coderz, Join my team ; TheBinaryCoders.
Hey Coderz, I hope that you have a good time coding with But lets take the game to the next level of coding. Join my team to compete in a fur...
Ekashrejaiswal (3)
How to make a program (PYTHON) into EXE??
Guys i have made this following repl but unable to make it into EXE for user to use plz tell me how to do this??
Isantala11 (2)
# A console based game of snake! #### Movement Click run and then use wasd or arrow keys to move #### Rules You are a 1 Eat 2's to grow Don't run i...
Praind (2)
Lord Gaben's Wrath
![Lord Gabens Wrath]( # Story In a world where games rule the earth, one man chose to reach for the stars. Lord Gabe...
olafem (2)
JS Assignment 2 EX3
please I need a guide to JS assignment 2 Exercise 3
dguisti (1)
New Year Countdown
Simple python countdown to the new year!
Wassu (19)
CMD, The Game
Enjoy, this is my group's first project and we are looking to do more. I am thirteen so i'll try and create more games, apps, etc. We are accepting do...
TTVPalchy (1)
Can someone plz teach me html?
Im learning html for school and im bad. can anyone help me?