EricBromstead1 (0)
Python display terminal size in characters
Been working on a python curses application and I want it to take advantage of the whole console I have. Unfortunately when I run `os.get_terminal_si...
JacksonAiken3 (15)
Help in general/what now?
So i have been programming for years and I have never had a teacher that actually taught. I started in Batch before I knew it was batch i called it no...
AncientBison (67)
Why does this go down?
My simple program here is to show and ask why the numbers go down and up at random, when the numbers should go down!
hi2021 (0)
color change "flower"
just see it by yourself hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah wanna change color please press run.
Vynokris (0)
Can everyone modify my code?
Hey! I'm new here and I am wondering if everyone I share my project with is able to modify it. If yes, how to I put it to read and execute only please...
AbdiChiboub (0)
I have a problem.
So, I had this problem today where when i type something like "print(" ")" it scrambles the words in there. Look at the picture and the words i high...
XitlaliDuran (0)
Hmmmm...stop this
Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic. Return to
RhinoRunner (800)
Do different languages have different coding languages?
I realized that pretty much every single keyword in a coding language is based off of English, like: ```py print input try except if else ``` But, if...
xinyili3 (0)
Is there a way we could have two Shell terminal?
So we could enable the master/worker communication between them?
Th3OneAndOnly (6)
Want to use coffeescript in your HTML webpages on REPLit? Look no further!
Hello Everyone! This is a pretty simple tutorial, so I'm sure you'll get through it in no time! REPLit, whilst having coffeescript support, has more o...
kbadrinath_tcsp (222)
not doing anything
so i'm running my program and after it installs the packages it just does... nothing. Nothing prints (something is supposed to), and it just stays the...
ZachariahIkenbe (6)
ZWrld's Chat
Multi user client-server voice chat, with elements of P2P Hey I need help getting this up hit me up if you can help!
X24 (28)
The Source Code Search Engine (needs a proper name)
It's a search engine that runs on Google API and CSE that will input ** Google's raw data** to your console. This might be the most useless thing to b...
DanielRogness (0)
I know someones Idk who but they have a code that I need to create a game
LucasEsmaeli (0)
I need help with my bot
When i start my discord bot, this showes up in console, my bot does run and it will be online. But it still popes up, also all commands get used twice...
JamisonLewis (1)
variables and user
this is my first real one
BSlaven (5)
A beginner here. Can someone tell me why this function has to be in parentheses? Thanks
What is wrapping
So you know when you code, there's the settings tab. In there, you would see wrapping. I just want to know what wrapping does. # Thanks if you answe...
0xParadox (0)
Let me tell you this, I have no regrets, and no shame for submitting this. This game is at it's the core beginning of all projects, the ultimate defin...
22amrg (0)
Text Adventure
This is my project in python, I am a beginner in python, and basically​​ you are trapped in a dungeon and need to get out. Along the way, you will fac...
InaAT (0)
Hi there, can anybody explain to me how to use the title element? Stuck in Day 3 Thank you! Best regards, Ina
eidhernan (38)
I am making a text adventure game. I am looking for ideas regarding the story.
I will be making a text adventure game, similar to something like Zork, but less painful. You see, with most text adventures, you are given a descript...
Dante_Morrison (5)
i made a simple ordering system for my borgar restaurant
this was for another assignment I had in my programming class. I decided to have some fun with it and meme the hell out of it. so enjoy your borgar an...
bubsy07 (0)
viewing pane settings
How do you change the viewing panes? so move the output viewing field to the bottom. I had this but now cannot find the settings ?
TristanMisja (36)
How do I send emails with PHP
I'm making a website, and I need some way to send email with PHP. If anyone can tell me how or point me to a reference, please do! Thanks!
kbadrinath_tcsp (222)
why is it showing namechoice as undefined
so basically i'm making this thing, and when i try to use namechoice in firstStretch(), it just keeps on saying that namechoice is undefined. I have t...
SnehPratik (0)
Write a program to enter the numbers till the user wants and at the end (rest in discription)
Write a program to enter the numbers till the user wants and at the end it should display the count of positive, negative and zeros entered. I'm a be...
TayoYuva (0)
REST API - Python
Hello, How can I use REST API using Python? Thanks, TayoYuva
MrDxmonGamer (0)
You will see
JamesGibbs1 (2)
The Hidden City
Can you navigate through an unexplored forest and discover a hidden city before it is too late? Here are the rules: 1. For the first question, type i...