MesoLol (0)
Hi, what is te problem in my proyect?
I'dont speak english sorry for this and help me please my proyect is in spanish
takipsizAD (1)
can somebody help me to run all files in repl
i need help can somebody help me to run all files in repl
mattman101 (4)
how to have a timer
i have this code where you have to type the right letter to get points. is there a way i to set a timer, lets say 60 secs, and when it is over the cod...
DSAVeronika20 (11)
help me
hi everybody i am trying to edit this interactive story but the very bottom line it's not working i am beginner python and would appreciate some help...
CrustopherH (3)
Rational numbers class for cs211
seladb (0)
Run c++ program that uses external dependencies
I have a use-case where I want to run c++ code in that uses external libraries. Is there a way to add these libraries somehow? These are not...
OrHy3 (0)
How to host a simple python socket?
I tried to establish a tcp connection between and my local computer, but neither the public ip nor the domain did work to connect to t...
NuriddinBurkhon (0)
About Replit
Hey guys, I am a complete beginner to Pyhton and this thing called "Replit". When I open, for example, a print() function, a huge text pops up with th...
hadthelad (15)
how will I be able to do this
hi so im relatively still new to python and i decided to make a random story generator, so if you know what it is you know how your able to select the...
RyanRana (211)
Basic Python Issue!
Hello, Everyone! I for some reason forgot how to do this simple conversion in python I have the list, [['3'], ['6'], ['9'], ['1', '2']] how can I con...
Anonymous0712 (0)
Simple Calculator
This is the most simple calculator that I could make
X24 (28)
How do I provide different calculations based on what the input is?
I'm currently making a wage calculator that can give calculations based on your hourly wage and what period of time you want to calculate using Python...
AliAlmarzouqi (0)
Hi my name is Ali
Hi i'm new to this web so can some of you teach me please
Rileymabb (6)
What are some free alternatives to host a discord server?
I wanna host my discord bot for my server, what are some free alternatives?
mukulraina (0)
How to make repl "read only"
Hello! I'm trying to embed this repl on my blog. However I want this repl to be read only (so that blog reader could still run the repl but not be a...
Sydbee812 (0)
I need help with ord()
Hi guys! I'm very new to programing, and am taking a class on intro to python. Our instructor gave us a task of running a code that shows our name in...
Taonga07 (11)
python error
I have got this code below ``` python3 def reset_board(): board = [] for row in range(0, 8): rowlist = [] for column in range...
JacquesUys (0)
i need someone who makes hacks using c++ too teach me the way please
I'm just trying to learn python and c++ python for developing and having fun and C++ for hacking games like esp aimbot and so on please get back to me...
MesoLol (0)
Como hago esto
Hi, I wanted to ask you how to make the link to my project appear like this: ![image](
Steven_The_GuyT (304)
Interesting Game
What's an interesting game to create using python?
AmoS2 (1)
Je vous présente le code de ma calculette! Presentaré el código de mi calculadora. I'll present the code for my calculator.
ChristianThone (64)
I am now writing Tutorials
Hey guys, you should check out my tutorials, and tell me which tutorial I should make next after I finish my current Tutorial Spree. Check out my tut...
CoolCoder8 (0)
It's not working
My simulator wont workㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤfor some reason.ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
gwood5901 (22)
Why does this still exist?
![logout image]( As far as I know, hovering over this image logs you out. Why, and why does this bug still exist?
ChanceChristens (0)
Broken script error
So Im using lua and Im trying to make a key work but when I click the key it say ERROR Right hand doesnt exist or it says union something something I...
AnumRehman (0)
i am having segmentation fault
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <cs50.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if (argc != 2) { printf("Usage: ./recover...
CodeCenter (8)
Website Creating
Hi again, I don't mean to spam, but I'm looking for someone to help me create a website. I just need a basic template, and I can provide graphics and...
violinvibes (0)
Violin & Viola Trivia
This trivia helps people understand the differences of the violin & viola, they are very alike but it is important to know why they differ in size,sou...
Willywillycow (3)
Why can’t I type letters in the program?
Why can’t I type letters in the program? Please help me!
vswsd (1)
New Repl!
This is a short repl that includes a little poem.