ThomasShankland (1)
i want to create a code that will look cool can u help me out
caseabj32qj (1)
I am trying to make a game using Html, Css, Js (I do not know any other languages ): I was trying to make it so that the circle could move anywhere on...
plscodeinjava (376)
How to change screen background in java
Title says it all, please help!!!!
HiImAPerson (4)
Why does this not work?
I don't know why this doesn't work. I'm also a beginner, so please don't criticise any stupid mistakes.
what does a locked post do?
I have a locked post: ![Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 3.31.54 PM](
Hillo232 (15)
I need help
Run the code and tell me what's wrong, please. :(
EvanDowding (0)
Is going to update to Discord.js v13 or is it going to stay at v12 forever?
I'm asking this because if they don't update, I will probably move back to Visual Studio Code. I like Repl because I can do it online, or I'll find a...
NyasiaWarren (1)
understanding Math.e
I am trying to show the value of math.e in python but when I just put math.e and run the program its telling me math is not defined, what do I put bef...
SimplyMiah (1)
Python Code HS Question
Hey guys! Can anybody please help me? I need to make a program where the user asks a question and the program responds with “yes” “no” “maybe” and oth...
HoHonSing (2)
Changing username
Post in feedback: I wanted to change my current username to my full name and I have tried 1) contacted c...
JamesXin (15)
A little password generator I made in some free time during class
I was bored in class so I made this alphanumeric password generator. Does anyone have any tips or tricks as to how to make it better?
KenR (0)
Why do I get the error message.? File "", line 43 lives -= 1 ^ TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
DarkClipton (0)
How do i make a repl that connects two people?
Im working in python and i want to connect two or more people together But i never have made anything like this can someone please help me? Thanks
SacredPixel (0)
Accidentally deleted a project
I created a bot folder within a python one, so it'd be Python/Bots, but another Bots folder was created within the original for some reason. I deleted...
HamsterCoding (10)
Python mini-language team?
I'm trying to make a mini-language called lime, and I was wondering if anyone would like to join/help with it. I have a small demo thing set up to sho...
isaiah08 (86)
Python Flask problem
If you go to `/login`, it gives an error. Why is it? It says that it has something to do with what it returns, but i still don't get the error. Thanks...
JBloves27 (1903)
Flask screen not showing
The title says all. I have attached the repl, so you can figure it out more. I also collab-ed with @darkdarcool, as he halped moi. :D I would apprecia...
JBloves27 (1903)
Happy Christmas! 🎄
> Note: ignore the repl below, it seems like I had to add a repl to add a title and description ##### I know this isn’t coding related~~, as I have...
Jude11 (2)
Brief: supposed to complete this project Using NetBeans. Task description: Please ensure that project must cover the following topics of JAVA togeth...
coderdo (1)
Weird notifications
I constantly get a very large flow of alerts when I open any project on my home laptop, any other device is fine. It's annoying, and doesn't let me wo...
heirey (0)
Fail to install Scapy
Hello, I try to import scrapy inside a project but i have these errors: --> python3 -m poetry add scrapy Using version ^2.3.0 for scrapy Updating de...
TejasvMaheshwar (7)
Why os.getenv is None?
So i was following along a tutorial to make a discord bot in repl.... and whenver i print os.getenv the result is none.... whats the issue? my env fil...
MatthewX (168)
Help im not sure what the problem is.
When you ccomplete a level then click on another level, All of a sudden the player speed becomes so fast. I tried stopping the loops once you finish a...
xolyon (347)
[Python] How to create a map in python
One which can read and printed to output something and also like move x-y coordinates
anonymous360c (21)
What is the current version of CSS?
What is the current version of CSS if there are CSS versions? ![下载](
ananelson (0)
compiler flags?
Hi! I'm trying to build a C++ example which requires ncurses. I can compile and run by manually adding -lncurses to the compile command, but I'm wond...
CullenDAvello (18)
unqualified-id error (C++, SFML)
@SPQR hey, i started using SFML because SDL didn't get me anywhere and you were right SFML is way easier, but i keep getting this unqualified-id erro...
teacherSVB (0)
Which Unit Test framework does classroom (html/css/js) use?
I want to create some unit tests for some JS code so my students can auto-grade their exercises. There are plenty of examples for general use-cases of...
IntellectualGuy (852) Minecraft Server
How do I get whitelisted on the Minecraft Server, also I don't have discord.
JacobMcPherson1 (239)
Images too big/small
How do I change the size of the image using css?