TempleOfCode (30)
What are Bookmarklets?
## Bookmarklets [[WIKIPEDIA](https://www.google.com/search?q=what+are+bookmarklets)] > Bookmarklets are unobtrusive JavaScripts stored as the URL of a...
Bookie0 (6031)
[Python] Convert None to int
Hi! I'm back (from [this](https://repl.it/talk/ask/Python-Replit-DB-variables-not-updating-when-program-is-run-again/125459)). How do you convert a v...
Lockk (8)
I learned how to do most of the code from Alex Lee(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_fFL5jgoCOrwAVoM_fBYwA) I did this in replit bc it wont work in...
[GAME] [OLD] Top Down RPG Like Game Made ENTIRELY out of text in the Python Terminal!
# Welcome! This is an RPG Like maze game with RPG Style Fight Sequences made only using text! # Beta Ver. 1.0.1 -------------- KEY: ---------- '#' =...
fuzzyastrocat (1513)
CellSim — A cellular automata simulator (Including Conway's Game of Life!)
Many people know about the cellular automata Conway's Game of Life. But what few people realize is that the Game of Life is only one of a myriad of p...
JimBob5 (168)
Don't hit 13!
In don't hit 13 you are aiming to reduce your opponents health to 0. You do this by rolling and atttempting to stop just before reaching 12, similarly...
Bookie0 (6031)
### Hello everyone! #### This is a cool game called BorderZ made in a collab. ## Basically, You are the manager at Calypson South Border, and you g...
MrEconomical (2279)
repl chat: Integrated global chat for repl.it
# repl chat yey After making repl mail, I still wasn't satisfied. There was a mailing system now, but no way to chat in real time on repl.it itself....
LizFoster (648)
The Chudnovsky Algorithm
(NOTE: It only does 18 iterations, as if you try to do any more, it raises an OverflowError, how lame.. -__-) わーい, another π approximation method! (I...
AH3973 (39)
I made a code that guesses your age!
You might know the trick to figure out someone's age already. This code is not just a lot of bologna because your final number will contain the number...
Every single use of strings in python (Well, maybe not every single use)
Strings in python can do a lot of things.
fuzzyastrocat (1513)
shadows — Multiplayer Shadowy Halloween Maze Game!
Welp, I misread the timestamp on the bramjam, so I guess I can't submit this, but I'm posting it here anyway! ( @bramley that is right, correct?) Thi...
kaldisberzins (344)
Making a Phaser Game with HTML5 and JavaScript
# Making a Phaser Game with HTML5 and JavaScript Hi guys! Everybody likes to make games, right? And everybody has their own way of doing it. In this...
MrEconomical (2279)
[UPDATE] repl mail: Email for repl.it
what # Welcome to repl mail repl mail is a simple and fast email service for users of repl.it developed by me, MrEconomical. A messaging feature for...
YashasShah (60)
Do you know that game where that snake is trying to eat fruits? I tried making that game and I will come up with one with better graphics. For now,...
theangryepicbanana (1688)
The L Programming Language
# The L Programming Language This is a programming language that I made as my final project for my CS class this past year (for those of you who are c...
sojs (299)
Code Runner
This *amazing* project I worked on with @PYer. # What is CodeRunner? Introducing... The (almost) most bestest, text editor: CodeRunner Probably the...
SixBeeps (5067)
How to properly deal with spam posts
# How to properly deal with spam posts Let’s say you come across a post on Ask that looks like this: ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/...
CSharpIsGud (932)
ReplOS - A *REAL* Operating System on repl.it!
With pure C and Assembly. This is very quirky, I had to change a lot of stuff moving it onto replit. Due to the way I did gdt setup and other things...
DominicHuieWhit (52)
Text RPG
a text RPG with 5 stages, tell me in the comments if i should do more and tell me if there are any bugs or places i can improve.
Muffinlavania (1517)
# Epic ### Repost moment Yea this is a repost, but its not just for no reason. I fixed some bugs and added some features(List at the bottom of the pos...
Funkus (240)
Procedural Map Generation v1.01 || Update!!!
# Hello! I'm back with a `cool project` It's a map generator in java using the Perlin noise algorithm # Map Generator Update: - Now snow/ ice ca...
CSharpIsGud (932)
How and why to use threading in C++
Have you heard of multithreading and just wish you could make your programs faster? Well... unfortunately just using threads is not enough, you have t...
totoeevee (14)
This is a small game i developed. Im hoping to make a great game out of this :)
OldWizard209 (1132)
📊 Handling Large Amounts of Data In Python 📊
## Introduction Data Scientist has become one of the most in-demand and [exciting](https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-sexiest-job-21st-century-kees-gr...
harisbaig1 (12)
Code doesn't run
I have been trying to run this code but it does not seemed to run at all. Can some help me what I am missing? ![repl.it code](https://storage.googleap...
Zavexeon (1158)
Advanced Discord.js Bot Template (With database and extensions!)
## Advanced Modular Discord.js Bot Tempate ### Introduction So for a while now I've been working on a bot named Lilac2. I built I really in depth base...
BobTheTomatoPie (3346)
Alone Simulator Version 1.0 (200 cycles special!)
### Alone Simulator (My personal Favorite of my projects!) You are the host of a TV show called "Island", Based on the popular TV show "Alone". You, i...
egzonbaruti (4)
Date time
is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an u...
OldWizard209 (1132)
You will have the choice to chose between 5 quizzes: YouTube Quiz Countries GK Quiz Games Quiz Science Quiz' Marvel quiz Anyways comment if you man...