tgs2796 (7)
C++ code won't Run (again)
I'm so sorry, but my C++ codes won't run anymore. When I click run it does nothing other than change to "stop". I have waited several days for it to s...
Toaf (2)
hey there, can someone give me some good and useful tips on how to use python?
InvisibleOne (2677)
Detective Tag?
I know what the moderator, hacker, and content creator tags are, but what is the Detective tag?
aavarab (2)
Tims diner code
Tims diner code for GCSE EDEXEL NEA
Muhammad_SJC (149)
Scroll to bottom button does no appear when I want it to.
Recently, I have been working on a chatting app, and as you can see it works pretty well. But recently I am stuck with a problem. I want the screen to...
How to cancel a hacker plan
I got a voucher and I don't plan to keep it, but when the time comes, how do I cancel it so I son't pay?
VulcanWM (2341)
The Present
This is an animation relating to the actual 'The Present'. Thanks to @techgeek680 for helping a little.
xxpertHacker (860)
[Closed] How to optimize this function?
Braindead simple JavaScript example: ```js const f = n => { const two_to_the_nth_bit_length = 2n ** n; const two_to_the_nth_bit_length_minus_one =...
Pizzaz4me (63)
Why isn't my button working?
Why isn't my button working. I first tried to make it go to another file in another folder, but that didn't work. I then tried to just have a basic li...
sojs (298)
Shapes, Shapes, more shapes
Look at those shapes!!!!!
tra38 (13)
Deploying GitHub Repos onto
I like using to easily share small scripts over to other people. But what if you want to share a whole code repository that is hosted on GitHu...
NaZmuZSaKiB (2)
get the big even number
this program take input a list from you of int numbers and returns the highest even number .... please support and do suggest if any thing I can do to...
p3artschool (20)
click files, then click runner.gif to view the animation adjust screen size smaller to get correct display ratio #------------------------------------...
JoseTorres20 (5)
How can I write or read a file inside a folder?.
AstrumDeorum (63)
Button not functioning
So, I'm working on implementing Upgrades, however, the upgrade I'm working on (which happens to be the first) isn't working, because the button to get...
LanaRoi (1)
[email protected]
ovo je moj repli nadam se da sam dobro podjelila i napisala
LimonSafayet (1)
Do you know how to prevent Zalgo Text?
## What is Zalgo Text? Zalgo Text ordinarily falls within the CC and CD Unicode ranges. in Unicode, character rendering does not utilize a straightfor...
DynamicSquid (4626)
[C++] Escape characters in a string
I have a file with this in it: ``` \"squid\" ``` And when I read the file and put it into a string it becomes this: ``` \"squid\" ``` And if I pri...
HasanSulaiman (2)
HTML , CSS اول اعمالي باستخدام لغة
هذه اول محاول لتصميم صفحة على الانترنت واستخدام ماتعلمته من الكورس التعليمي
RhinoRunner (827)
Date/time converter
Lets say your friend lives in another state, and he says "I can code at 6:00 EDT." how do you figure it out? ### your options are: 1. google...
FlaminHotValdez (442)
Calculator V2!
This is Calculator V2, based off of my previous program Calculator. It's revised and it allows Xes and carats for multiplication and exponent. Also, u...
FlaminHotValdez (442)
It's a calculator. It's not done very well, it's not very smooth, it forces you to use asterisks and slashes, but it works. Upvote if you like it, als...
JayBFC (28)
J-DOS | Text based OS
J-DOS is a text based operating system made with python. I decided to create this to show that it is possible to make something that performs like a r...
Chex Quest - Full Classic Game
Wanna play the good ol' Chex Quest, but lost your CD? Well now you can play it in your browser! (Also check out my upload of Ultimate Doom!) (yes I kn...
securethebags (28)
Card Matching Game! Fully animated
This is a card matching game I made using this video from web dev simplified as a reference ( and this one...
OwenBradstreet (124)
Hangman - with a twist!
There are two modes in this hangman! Either you play as the guesser (1), guessing the word the computer has chosen. Or you can let the AI play as the...
mo2409 (14)
Tkinter/ SQLite3 Can you halp me?
I am creating simple login screen with the use of TKinter for the GUI, and to store the player data for 'Register' once the user has registered it sho...
faizanthemaster (2)
easy bot
this is my second script This is a converter. It took me 3 hours to do. I am from Prague British International School .Year 7
AdiBak (3)
Swipe to get 3 balls in a row (vertically or horizontally). Thanks to Coding w/ Sara for the original u-tube tutorial.
PYer (3884)
Answers - POTW #4
Comment your answers here! Problem: [Pyramids](