muffinman12345 (32)
Turtle Cartoon
# Hi, I made a Python with turtle thing that draws a buncha stuff and then erases it Credits: Spyder for some help
python lesson 5
this is python lesson 5. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
JosephSanthosh (1196)
Do You Know Russia ?!? ɢʟᴏʙᴀʟ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛʀɪᴇᴢ Qᴜɪᴢ ᴇᴘɪꜱᴏᴅᴇ 4
Welcome to GLOBAL COUNTRIES QUIZ EPISODE 4 RUSSIA! ======================================================== աɛʟƈօʍɛ ȶօ ɢʟօɮǟʟ ƈօʊռȶʀɨɛֆ զʊɨʐ ɛքɨֆօɖɛ 4...
icool (1)
Material UI note getting installed
My npm install @material-ui/core and npm install @material-ui/icons is not getting installed. Can someone help me?
Flower info beautiful
This is information about flower and their beauty they look so beautiful.
PaoloAmoroso (186)
How to use Kivy
I managed to make [Kivy]( work in a [GFX]( REPL. Just create a Pygame REPL, which is among the Kivy d...
Mendelevium (41)
Random cool facts
Guess what? Artificial intelligence is starting to make its own art. I don’t know why I think this is so cool, but here are a few pictures and a link...
bgrubert (191)
Reflex Tester
Check out this Reflex maker I made when I was bored! Best played in full screen! Just click the start button and click the blue squares as they come...
faizanthemaster (2)
easy bot
this is my second script This is a converter. It took me 3 hours to do. I am from Prague British International School .Year 7
aniketmaster (2)
Gui Calculator
this is a awesome gui(Graphical User Interface)calculator can do simple operation like +,-,*,/ which is devlop in python
MehulTahiliani (3)
SWB2 website
A SWB2 website Link -
Thecrowbar1234 (143)
How to cancel a hacker plan
I got a voucher and I don't plan to keep it, but when the time comes, how do I cancel it so I son't pay?
widgetmaster (8)
Draw Live! testing release.
I made this co-op multiplayer drawing game. cool. requires 5 people to play. Take turns drawing until the time runs out, then the judge decides who w...
CoderKid365 (8)
If you don't want to destroy your computer, don't open it!
### This is a game where you work as a game developer. Your goal is to produce games and earn money. By doing so, you unlock very fun features, such a...
WilliamBell (3)
Lolcat Quiz Hai! Me is kat! I wan test knowlege of lolcode! Clic lik above! Da quyiz may be update with moa...
Just A Calculator...
# __MICHAEL CONSIDINE'S WORKING CALCULATOR__ *** I present to you Michael Considine's Working Calculator! This calculator was coded in python coding a...
dspurway (3)
Hello, I was wondering if does offer some sort of java fx. im trying to teach my friend java fx and its easier to collab on here. Is there a w...
DavidLiu14 (1)
Math Arithmetic practice with random range
This program helps you practice basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with natural numbers. You will be prompted for the...
Joseph114 (1)
How are you?
Hope that I can mage you happy :)
Naghiyev (10)
Turtle Race game
Simple Turtle Race Game. Pick a turtle and see if your turtle is the first to reach the finish line.
ChezCoder (1613)
HI ASCII Chat art!
Type this in repl's multiplayer chat to get a `HI` ascii art! ``` ___ ___ ______ | | | | |__ __| |...
Anshulvairagade (3)
can we run a snake game code in python in
Toaf (2)
hey there, can someone give me some good and useful tips on how to use python?
immainsane (8)
4. Rock , Paper , Scissors Game , pretty
the age old classic game in a program.
datfortniteboy (1)
is it possible to use a strcmp inside an if statement that already has a strcmp
I am making a thingy and I need to use strcmp's inside a single if statement. and I have been trying for like 15 min. is it even possible! and the sa...
freddyamarsden (28)
No where near finished, and still in early stages, I plan to release some major updates soon. For more info -
HahaYes (1913)
Yay I'm Learning AP Computer Science + Java
Hehe you think that I'm some immature kid that eats tang powder? Nah. Anyways, should I start a tutorial series that teaches Computer Science and Java...
aneesameen (1)
A ![A7933E89-7100-4EB6-AA47-A04B23DA544D]( really sm...
c4syner (81)
Adding new files with the new UI
I noticed that repl recently changed the UI of the coding window, and I cant seem to find how to add new files or the area where you can upload other...