Baconman321 (1060)
Keystroke logger (My first "malicious" program)
# Keystroke logger It's what it sounds like. A keystroke logger that logs your every key press. Install as a userscript using [tampermonkey](https://c...
JDOG787 (431)
View counter webpage
# Hi everyone Thanks to @RohilPatel teaching me some backend basics I made this site to practice backend stuff. It counts the views of this site. I k...
HackermonDev (2006)
Website For Jam
# Website For Jam So, I challenged myself to make a website that shows all the posts from the challenge board in repl.it in less than 20 minutes and...
ArjunSS1 (113)
Installing FFmpeg
I'm trying to make a discord music bot and have already created the code but I'm using FFmpeg which I don't know how to download on repl. I've tried i...
pole55 (298)
6.F. While: Fibonacci numbers
Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the integer sequence starting with 1, 1 where every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding on...
GrantStaten (3)
Fix for console bugs on mobile
On all of my cpp repls I have had trouble using the console on mobile. I don't normally use mobile but when I do it works for a bit and then is sudden...
CarlDavidDavid2 (1)
I am gonna ask my teacher about something - Message Generator
This is a quick message generator that might help you in asking your teacher about something in a proper way.
MyCharacter (1)
Ultra Number Generator
well my first project so idk about it
lightningrock (148)
Is this the best way to split an array while skipping the first split?
## My code ```js item.split(",").slice(0, 2).join().split().concat( item.split(",").slice(2) ); ``` ## Example ```js let item = '"First, Last", 0, 1...
NormanRey1 (1)
First repl
My first repl on this site.
jcarlsontcsp (20)
Monster Battling Game v1.3.4 [Beta]
A fun monster battling rpg game i am making. There are two bosses right now and the shop is not ready. More updates coming soon! Change log: v1.0, 1...
pole55 (298)
6.E. While: Widest fragment
Given a sequence of non-negative integers, where each number is written in a separate line. The sequence ends with 0. Determine the length of the wide...
how do I make a 3d game in python3
I would like to know the exact code that will get me started on making a 3d game in python3
08KINPLIX (78)
Secret Combo
See if you can find it out
MattTrahan05 (1)
The Privacy Project
Hi I'm Matt Trahan, I am a security and privacy enthusiast working on some projects to keep your anonyminity online safe from Pesky Hackers and The Bi...
Thank You IndyCarter and the team! Wanna help? Anyone?
I was inspired by @IndyCarter and his team to make this. I would love some help. Thanks! :)
Wilke000 (624)
What Should I Code In Python or Python (with turtle)?
I haven't coded in a while and I need some help choosing what to do My ideas: ![200](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1594816043675_626950...
galaxyraider9 (94)
AI that will guess your age version 1.0
This is the first full version of an Ai I mad that will try to guess your age.
NathanMiller47 (2)
Mr. Man Simulator
A Simulator for a game built in Proccessing.
tussiez (1522)
Detecting "broken" links
I've been experimenting with taking random images from Imgur, and playing them as a slideshow. It works well, however I'm experiencing a bug where s...
Lathryx (4)
Code intelligence/auto-complete not working for Javascript, Python, etc.
Hello! I have researched this topic and it seems to be a common issue, but none of the answers I've found are relevant to mine. I have "Code Intellige...
MatthewXia (17)
wut hashmap in java
i have no idea y. i hve now ideapo. bafjnafuawf of aau;wf ab;aw b; waoj afw aw
jgrif17 (2)
Learning, need help
I am trying to figure out how to line the values under the header Pounds. I found really interesting code online for creating proper tables, but I jus...
gabrielfang55 (5)
Dungeons and Dragons
I've spent the last two weeks working on and perfecting this project: Dungeons and Dragons. The storyline and instructions are all explained in the p...
JaidenKim (12)
Camel Game: Updated V2!
Constructive criticism is highly valued! Thanks for playing my random game that I spent an unusually long time on! New Features: -Added new ways tha...
pr0p3rno0b10 (31)
Login System that saves your info even when you reload.
Hi everyone, I am trying to make an OS (or something like that), but I really want a working login system. Basically, I need something that saves you...
IcynDevz (765)
Animation🎥🎬 [Snowflakes]
# Animation🎥🎬 [Snowflakes] I hope you enjoy the animation! 🙂 ## A~peace! 👋
VivekChandrasek (7)
Pokemon Battle Simulator Peeps! So Pokemon Gotta Catch'em All!
Pokemon Battle Sim have fun Battling!
SixBeeps (5060)
squ - a tiny song writing tool
squ a tool used for reviving dead songwriting inspirations more info in the Help page
DEMONul1234 (53)
Dice game
Simple dice game. It generates a random number from 1 to 6 and then it decides which player(you're giving players' names at the very beginning) is vic...