miaberrones (0)
How Can I place Images?
I want to insert images on html I also tried to insert a file but I cant
earanard (0)
I used a shell script called rename.sh which renames a few files and changes the content in two others. The file is listed bellow: ![Uploading rename....
djscott (0)
How do you make cool patterns with colour?
How do you make cool patterns with colour? How do you make cool patterns with colour?How do you make cool patterns with colour?How do you make cool pa...
Sarafin (3)
StarShip Game
Text-based game where you battle ships. I've been working on it for a few weeks - please enjoy :)
How do I call data from a database in python?
I have been trying to create a song guessing game and I don't know how to call my data from my database and use string separation to print the first l...
lolohy (0)
Can I build pro apps with python
Iam not talk about kivy I want to make apps like native apps
kayomakinwa (0)
Basic math problem solver
Hi guys I just created a basic math solver for only numbers 5 and 10 with c++ run it and drop view, tips and ideas are welcomed, thanks.
Happy1985 (0)
Can somebody tell me what’s wrong with the 1st line. It shows unexpected indent in output
def check_sum(2, 5): if sum(2, 5) > 2 and sum(2, 5) > 5: print(‘Both numbers are positive’) elif sum(2, 5) == 2 or sum(2, 5) == 5: print(‘...
SCSPsyco29 (0)
can i put this into an html,css,js repl and have it work
so while trying to use w3schools ajax live search in an html css js repl it didnt work, it works in here though. please help
tezzie (0)
i dont understand how to get a grip of c++, the language
ahhh i dont know if i should learn c++ or continue expanding my knowledge on python
EliJonas1 (4)
DuckDuckGo In Code!
I Went To The Page Source On New Tab DuckDuckGo: ... ![Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 3.28.37 PM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1580329754382...
daviejam000 (0)
I composed a work of modern literature.
Python is my medium. The human soul is my canvas. The deep scratches this work has left on my mind are jarring, but the scars they leave make me a bet...
Muhammad_SJC (149)
Online IOS - Remaking a more custom version IOS!
# This is an online IOS experience, and it is not responsive. Zoom out of your browser unit the phone is fully visible. The apps are custom-designed t...
LynettePenn (0)
Help with running a program
I cannot get this program to run and I can't figure out why it's not running. Can someone help? class Main{ import java.util.Scanner; public class...
MarkAlexa (0)
how to code a dice game
i dunno how to be coding a dice game and i tried and it woud nt work on the code that even the teacher fixed
Java Class
briefly explain how we can have more than one class in a file
abila123 (0)
How to make an array
I need help00ppp00ppppppp!"!!£;4;pleas man I need help
JorgeSanchez9 (0)
need help
i can't make a background image pop up I'm struggling idk if It has something to do with the folder or picture I just don't know what to do
angelinar (0)
hey so i was at coding class last thursday in rocklin and tomf said that i shouldnt click the upgrade my ranking skill untill the last project and i d...
Agzamikail (2)
how to make it so in python
how to make it so in python https://asynchronous-chat--trvrm.repl.co/
sruthic (0)
how do you run ur program
how do i run my code???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
CosmoCat19 (8)
Hacker Plan Multiplayers
I got a voucher for hacker plan about a month ago, and I’m not going to keep it when it runs out. I have a multiplayer repl with 5 other people on it...
megaxboy (0)
help me
Scenario Sophie is designing a hockey game for two users. Each turn, the users try to score a penalty against each other. The game has a number of te...
OrangeAndBlue (0)
how do you make an Rle compression function?
Im making a program to compress and decompress ascii art
John777 (1)
about brainflayer
Will I be able to compile the brainflayer program using your sitе or i just spend time?
MasterBeast (0)
Cool STUFF with python!
## COOL STUFF WITH PYTHON # Proves that python is good for **development** __Loading screens, colorful text, falling matrix...__ all in a **terminal**...
Sylwester (0)
I have an error when I start app on CMD windows
![Zrzut ekranu (2)](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1580171535175_6282a5f21c2cccf67dd2b0a4b864b3a1.png) On repl.it the code works, but w...
ZachariahIkenbe (6)
Why is the log saying this error?
ReferenceError: exports is not defined at /home/runner/Bot-WIP/index.js:9:1 at Script.runInContext (vm.js:133:20) at Object.<anonymous> (/...
AnthonyRobin (1)
Why does it keep giving me an AttributeError when the attribute is there?
I want my application to run a simple game where it picks a random number for each player and whoever has the highest number wins. I'm trying to achie...
ArmedWithStew (9)
What is this error?
The value error I'm getting is so confusing, they should both be integers.