CodingRedpanda (180)
Dodge The Trees!
My first Three.JS game. Comment how many trees you dodged. --- **EDIT**: My low score is 59... can you beat it? **EDIT AGAIN**: My *high* score is 10...
LoneAce (223)
Python Input
Hey there, I would like to give a timeout on my Python inputs. If possible, I would like the code to be portable so that I can give timeouts to everyt...
gwhite5 (1)
Notepad++ Python Script
To automate text editing tasks, I daily use Python scripts I've written for the Python Script plugin of the Notepad++ editor. I had nothing to do with...
ashishxcode (1)
Snake Game In Python
Implement the famous Snake game in this beginner tutorial! Learn also how to use the curses module to build terminal applications. This tutorial is ai...
LizFoster (648)
Base 16 To Base 10
Nothing too special this time ^ ^* A short little program that converts Hexadecimal strings into Decimal numbers. Try setting "C9" as the input, and...
maximuswrath (2)
It inputs stuff. You type something, it stores that thing, it prints that thing, and then you know said thing.
curranmax (1)
Translates stuff into a nonsense "Snek" language.
LoganCarter4 (2)
Logan Carter Bagels
Data Science Bagels Project 11/5/2020
RPham (1)
TicTacToe is a game where X’s and O’s are pitted against each other in order to make a row, column or diagonal.
CookieSnowOwl (41)
??? I AM SO CONFUSED WHY IS IT LIKE 1 2 3 3 2 1 MEOW what is the pattern why is it mait asdf mait asdf asdf mait asdf asdf asdf mait asdf mait... so o...
AnouS (16)
Multiplayer games making
I am trying to figure out how to make a multiplayer game where each players moves are hidden from their opponent. I have never made a multiplayer gam...
christinefries (2)
I made a team!
Hi guys. I noticed that there was a new update on repl called "Teams". I decided to make one and I want members so we can communicate with each other...
GatewayDuckYT (48)
Repl Login
Ok so i really need a repl login for my site powered on something else then headers like cookies so i can take the info and run it on my index.ejs fil...
a programming lang
very simple programming language, you can't use more than 2 variables at once or 2 when statements. However you can use 2 or more on other statements....
Felledk (1)
Tip calculator
A tip calculator, my first Python project
HenryThan (4)
True or false quiz for if the sky is blue.
pearlzee (2)
Python implementation of Shiritori game
Word game for the witty - A person starts with a word, and the next person has to come up with a word starting with the last letter of the previous wo...
CroxyTheDev (2)
How Can I Update Node.JS Versıon?
I'm using Repl.it for hosting my Discord bot but Discord API Wrapper requires Node.js v12 version. But my project's Node.js version is v10. I don't kn...
angrydoge (465)
Fully functioning WIKI!
# Welcome! This is my wiki I made, its about everything from SCP, to ducks. So yeah. ## Features * Commenting * Making wikis * Reading wikis * Reporti...
thaque15 (1)
Among Us - An interactive murder mystery
A (unfinished) repl.it based on among us.
bobcheese21 (1)
this thing is a test for some other thing.
hello4691 (31)
So I was thinking
I came up with a cool coding concept called simplified conditions statements (or scs for short). It's pretty simple really. In front of a conditional...
EliUdler (1)
Conversation Topic Generator - Russian
# What is this? A tool for practicing conversational Russian. Generates a discussion question, translates it to Russian, and suggests words to use in...
victorpostea (1)
Gold Grab Prototype
Prototype RPG Game | Blackout Studios | "beyond reality" | for any suggestions or bug fixes please email [email protected] |
Moral Story Ep. 3 is outttt!!
Another one! Thanks for the 117 cycles everyone! Take a look at this moral!
Why Node JS Have Outdated Node Version
Hey , I Want To Update Node JS In Repl.it Node Have Outdated Version Lts is 14 and current is 15 i wanna update to lts node 12 is outdated
rush22 (30)
something to talk to when you have no friends
do you have no friends like me? well talk to a computer!
BrunoSSilva (1)
Portal de Filmes
Portal de Filmes para o Trabalho 2 da Disciplina de Desenvolvimento de Interfaces WEB do 6º Período de Sistemas de Informação
rush22 (30)
shopping list
this makes a shopping list for you idk why I made this
ItsmeKia (1)
A calculator.
this is a cool calculator that I learned to code thanks :D!