jibbeiscool (3)
how do i change the complete background color
how do i change the complete background color cause i changed the background color but i cant change the complete background color like ther is still...
DavidPlumpton (7)
Please add Clojurescript!
Great to have Clojure, but please add Clojurescript as well.
RohilPatel (1535)
What is the best database to use?
what is the best database to use? I was looking and they all seem trash. What is the best one to use and that will work with repl.it?
zh24eric (43)
the things you can use: ``` 1-6 hashtags(#) # Title size largest (1) ## Title size (2) ### Title size (3) #### Title size (4) ##### Title size (5) ###...
realTronsi (913)
Strange Collisions
I'm just working on a fun side project called Physics2D that supports some collisions for irregular shapes (polygons and such). I have built an edge...
Rahulhin (0)
Can't find out why is the image not loaded....
Attribute error.why?I have even uploaded the iamge correctly on the file. Still getting an error
JWZ6 (252)
Python Test 🙂
This is my 2nd python program. Big shout-out to JBloves27 (1461) for the epic beginners python tutorial. Link: https://repl.it/talk/learn/A-Python-Tut...
LittleNomster (113)
About Maeve
Hiya! So i thought id take time during school to make my first ever webpage. This webpage is about me, Maeve Wamsley.
thejoeman24 (31)
Who wants to make something with me? HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS
Idk what it will be but its in HTML, javascript, and css
RolandJLevy (1052)
Colour swatches
A simple colour swatch generator that converts and then displays RGB, HEX and HSL colour values
Jakman (450)
CMD in Repl.it?
Is it possible to get the cmd terminal into repl.it. In python it is really easy to deal with the cmd rather than the repl.it os for it.
Coder100 (17104)
# WEEKLY 11 The other weekly I made was better than this one. However, this one is for the competition (it actually meets the requirements). ## About...
Josh4Lovelace (8)
4.2 Exercise B
4.2 Exercise B for APCSP period 4.
AneeshKotvali1 (9)
Hangman (guess the word)
Make sure to play this game! This is a two player hangman that consists of the guesser, and maker of the word. Instructions: Directions will be giv...
razorshnegax (9)
Upgrade Bucklescript compiler to reScript
Hello, My question is in the title: can the Repl.it devs upgrade the bucklescript compiler for reason node.js to ReScript v8.3? I've tried upgrading...
JustIKirsten (8)
Rock Paper Scissors
A fantastic real mobile
Hello guys this is a mobile you can use this website as a real mobile hope you will enjoy!!
CodingClubber (10)
Sequel to By the Seaside
Teatime, everyone! ------------------- Same thing as before, yes-or-no questions to give you your path.
ThomasWeaver (14)
Whats wrong with repl.it right now?
I'm in the middle of my programming class, and I got an error message. I can't re-open any of my programs. What should I do guys? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!
Codemonkey51 (1048)
PieMadd game jam submition
@rediar and i made a chat room (as with many others) what makes ours different is it has an api for bots! currently you need a token. [/api/docs](http...
RayhanADev (1949)
Create Next App Boilerplate
Heya people! The `create-next-app` template in the templates section on Replit seems a bit outdated to me, so I decided to make a new boilerplate that...
ck24 (6)
learn how to add sound with html
first you make a audio tag like this: ` ` ` <audio></audio> ` ` ` then add the src after the opening audio tag but inside the tag like this: ` ` ` <au...
KierstenKuk (20)
# Can someone help me make a translator? I'm not that good with coding so if you can, can any of you help me make a translator (English to Spanish and...
Beginner Tutorial on Ciphers with Python
So, this tutorial is about encryption and decryption with Python. We will start with the simplest--the Caesar Cipher, and progress to much more diffic...
MaryamNegeda (1)
Need help with this
Can someone tell me why, every time i try to run this, an import error pops up for bs4, even though i have it installed. Ty :)
gatorade322 (111)
Making a Farley Basic HTML CSS JS Web page, that will take a VERY long time to make
# Coding an HTML CSS JS Website (How to Code) Part One: Teaching the Basics of HTML I’m going to start by saying this is going to be HTML, so I hope...
ReinitaThomas (45)
Guess-the -number-game
Hey guys check this out!! This is a number guessing game.Give your best try!!
DJWang (1345)
___-----😷🦠SURVIVE THE CORONAVIRUS🦠😷-----___
# A New Legend Arrives Hi Y'all I've decided to make another text-adventure game. And this time, it's for the game jam! I'm not that sure if this is...
G7CGamingGaming (5)
MS-DOS Simulator
A MS-DOS Simulator for Windows, macOS and Linux (Ubuntu)! It contains 4,5 commands but updates is coming to add new commands! The code is below, so, y...
JonahElias (157)
Rock Paper Scissors
A simple game of rock paper scissors with score counting. Feel free to comment suggestions.