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March 13-20, 2021

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Teach coding collaboratively online in 50+ languages (including Java, Python, Javascript and C++), on any device (including Chromebooks) with no setup.
Registrants must purchase a conference pass to attend. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, March 17 at 4:15 PM (ET) - 5:30 PM (ET). Additional information on our session is listed here.
Session Title: Zero Setup Online Pair Coding on Any Device with Replit

During extended periods of at-home learning, the equity gap of computing education access has been exacerbated further. Varying ability levels, home computer access, and internet access introduce new challenges for CS instructors to reach all students. Instructors are also placed in the precarious position of needing to address industry demands for students trained with pair programming skills. Hybrid learning that deliberately fosters a sense of comradery and intentional collaboration promises to improve student persistence and course outcomes.

Replit Teams for Education presents an opportunity for instructors from all backgrounds to spend more time engaged in teaching rather than troubleshooting student environments and tediously sharing code. Attendees will experience first-hand how students can work together through Replit’s collaborative coding environment and how to leverage Replit’s unique technologies in their teaching practice.