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let REPLIT_INTERESTS = [“dev tools”, “creative tools”, “programming education”]

function confirmApplication(name) {
// TODO: implement send to replit

function applyToReplit({ name, portfolio, interests }) {
if(portfolio && interests.some((interest) => REPLIT_INTERESTS.includes(interest))) {

// usage
// applyToReplit({ name: 'you',
// portfolio: '',
// interests: ['creative tools', 'engineering']
// })
Replit recently raised $97.4M at a $1.16B valuation to empower the next billion software creators. We're using the new funds to enhance the core development experience, expand cloud services for developers, and drive innovation in AI and LLMs through Ghostwriter, our generative AI for software development.
Read more about our plans for the future and recent milestone of 20 million developers.

What we care about

We’ve reduced the time it takes to develop and deploy software by orders of magnitude, collaboratively and in the cloud. Replit has enabled millions of software developers globally to go from idea to product faster than ever before. Reinventing and constantly improving how people develop and deploy software is hard, and that’s why we need the best people to join us in advancing our mission.
To read more about what we care about, check out our operating principles, or read about reasons not to join Replit.

What we work on

On any given day, we tackle some of the most challenging problems in computing (AI, sandboxing, distributed systems) and the most interesting problems in design and HCI. We love demos, brainstorming, and bringing research ideas to life that impact millions of people.
Read more about what we build and how on our blog.

How we interview

We look for people who are excellent at their craft and want to share that expertise with others. Whether you're an engineer, designer, marketer, or a wildcard, we want to see that your fundamentals are nailed down, you're resourceful, responsive to feedback, and able to think on your toes!

That means that we won't be testing you with brainteasers that are unrelated to the real world. We ask you questions related to real challenges at Replit.

We are always looking for new talent and and welcome individuals of all levels of experience, from interns to full-time employees. To see some first hand accounts and specific examples about our process, check out our blog post on hiring interns, and our initial engineering challenge.


Autonomous Working EnvironmentFlexible Work HoursCompetitive Salary & EquityHome Office Set-Up StipendHealth, Dental, Vision, and Life InsuranceShort Term and Long Term DisabilityCommuter BenefitsParental and Baby Bonding LeaveFlexible PTO (2 Weeks Minimum Required) + Holidays401k ProgramAnnual Company/Team Offsites (4/year)

Open positions

Customer Success & Teacher CommunityGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Designer Who CodesGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Executive AssistantGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
These job listings are approximations! If you're a curious and passionate person, we want to hear from you. We are all generalists who like to dip our toes into different fields and skillsets, so if a job isn't a 100% fit, don't worry.
Not sure you're ready to apply? Get to know us better by joining our online community.
If you are a freelancer or looking to earn by writing code, check out Replit Bounties.
P.S. We love to hire from our community!