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    Web 3 Login Page with Transaction List and a meme.

    Posted 2 years ago
    This Bounty has been completed!

    Bounty Description

    Problem Description

    I'm trying to learn node and how to build a web3 project.
    I need a web3 login page that shows 1 of 3 different memes depending on who's viewing it. It needs to use web3.js and node.js Styling can be simple.
    I'll be testing it on the sepolia testnet.


    Button to logon with metamask: sets logged_address
    Text Input for selected address: sets selected_address
    Transaction List: transaction_list

    Choose your own Meme DIV

    An extra div below the transactions list with some meme goodness. Change the meme based on relationship.

    Owner: selected_address = logged_address
    show meme1.png

    Related: transaction_list.contains (selected_address) && (selected_address != logged_address)
    show meme2.png

    Unrelated: not logged in or transaction_list does not contain logged_address
    show meme3.png

    Acceptance Criteria

    Build this in replit, and share it with me. Plan on taking 5-10 minutes in discord demoing it to me. I'm new to JS and node, I want to understand what peices are talking to what, so I'll have some questions for you. If it goes well, I may have you help me build the rest of this project out.

    Here are the variables I want to see populated correctly based on login status.

    • logged_address
    • selected_address
    • transaction_list
    • relationship: unrelated, related, owner
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    Programming languages

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Nix
    • HTML, CSS, JS
    • C++
    • Golang