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Google Analytics 4 client using SupaBase

Posted 21 days ago

Bounty Description

Problem Description

I want a web-based Google Analytics 4 client that asks for a user to login with their Google-account and allows the end-user to see a list of all their GA4 properties.

When they select a property, the application should request the number of pageviews and user session for the day before and show that.

Additionally, I want to list the 10 most popular pages based on session count and the 10 most popular channels, based on session count.

Acceptance Criteria

I want a transfer of a private github repo with all the code needed for this solution, along with a step-by-step guide to deploying the solution on Supabase and/or Vercel.

If I follow the steps in the documentation, I should have this solution up and running on my own accounts.

Code should be written in idiomatic Typescript and may make use of Google libraries.