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Lucid Dreaming App

Posted 10 days ago

Bounty Description

Problem Description

I want to make a React Native app that works on iOS and Android. It should:

  1. Have a selection of totem sounds. The default should be the same two tone sound as this app:

  2. When someone says they are going to sleep and turns it on, begin a 5 minute routine. This should play the sound once, then play audio that says some preset text (and people should be able to select the voice from a selection of voices, including depofaked Obama etc. We will link a program to do this). Then, at random times within the 5 minutes, play the two-tone sound again 5 times (again, both numbers that can be set in the settings).

  3. Connect to the Oura ring V2 API. This is how tognrt real time sleep data: if t the user opens your app then the Oura app which stays open without sleep, it should real time sync data with the API with the ring. You can test this as well, I can buy you a ring temporarily or you can send me an .APK to try with mine.

In the absence of an oura ring, a user can also select the sleep as Android API on Android: and for iOS to use as a real time API instead.

  1. During REM sleep, play the sound on average once a minute, with increasingly loud volume over the 20 minutes. The user can always tap the screen, indicating it got too loud, which should be logged.

  2. at the morning, a user can turn it off, and a quick survey appears asking if they were lucid or not and if they heard the signal during sleep at all.

  3. have an export button that allows one to export all of the data like: times that someone was in REM sleep along with all the time that the sound was played, as well as all the time that the user disabled it and the answers to their surveys in the morning.

Acceptance Criteria

Please link either a GitHub or a record of past experience.