Alwin Villero

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Never gonna give you up
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Finally made a website!!!! i have wanted to this for so long ! finally did it! check it out, hope u like it :)
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TodoList App made in pure javascript!
Hi, I just wanted to put this here to see what you guys think (pls don't trash on me I'm new to webdev lol)
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guys give me a random idea for a website cuz i need to practice so that I'll be ready on fiverr ok
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Another multi section website I made
Here's a website I just made, it still doesn't work on mobile tho cuz ya boi needs some rest, I will do it later. I'll just put this here to see what...
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JS Animations
I have followed a js gasp animation tutorial lately (by Dev Ed on youtube), I would just like to put this out here to see what my fellow entities woul...
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C# calculator
I finally made a calculator in C#. Im Learning C# does anybody have any suggestions? 🤔
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Get free bobux with this one simple trick! In just a few clicks!!11!1! (Boblox wouldn't like to know this)