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Curse of the Ego King
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Published on Mar 4, 2022

Game made for KAJAM 2021, arrow keys to move, press and hold Z to charge your kick. (working on sound fx)

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vishal1999tk4 months ago

fixed the game by downgrading to a specific version of kaboom :P

octopuscat4 months ago

please fix

octopuscat4 months ago

does not work "Cannot read properties od undefined(reading 'isHovering')

Vimlark7 months ago

Really well done! The art is adorable and the gameplay is fun. Adding some music and sound effects will really pull the whole thing together.

00-joe-js7 months ago

@vishal1999tk Great game! I really enjoyed playing it. I especially like how heavy you made the head feel -- between the charge time, camera shake, momentum control. I really wish the game had sound/music, it would add so much! Awesome job

sidfish7 months ago

This was great, really enjoyed the interesting attack mechanic, makes you really think about offense strategies. The art and juice was on point. Guessing the tie to the theme of "Huge" was the big charged up attack you can do? Only feedback is it would have been nice if you had music and sounds in there too.

hackesack7 months ago

I bend it like Beckham!

vishal1999tk7 months ago

update: removed a extra character in index.html, did not touch the game

Proiz7 months ago

Very goood!!

vishal1999tk7 months ago

update: changed the banner image(gif)

minota7 months ago

Excellent looking game with excellent animations!

boshhy7 months ago

Great animations!

lajbel7 months ago

my fav kajam game gg <3