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MgMg92 hours ago


MgMg92 hours ago


vulliamy5 days ago

There is no discernible way of activating a spotlight page. The repl menu featured in the guide/tutorial is not the same as the one in my menu. Is it a 'paid' feature?

AriesTropixDev4 weeks ago

Nice But I agree with @Whippingdot sorry for the ping but I think an RSS feed might be the way to go!!!

Whippingdot1 month ago

Hey i know you won't see this because of the spam comments here but I LUV THE DESIGN OF THE KABOOM WEBSITE! I couldn't see it before, but now that i see it, it is POGGERS

mtgsquad1 month ago


abhayminecraft2 months ago

Try to make the letters look more nice

BefBoi1232 months ago


usercoding1c2 months ago

hah so !

DurbanLegacy2 months ago

it is honestly kind of ass so FUCKING FIX IT @util

Whippingdot2 months ago

Hey, can you fix the most recent post, in which is written everywhere. It should be replit...

pugdogbeagledog2 months ago

why tho...

ebp112 months ago


DrakeFletcher22 months ago


LaneMartin2 months ago


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aquilax3 months ago

Hey. I added minimal RSS feed support in a fork here but can't figure out how if at all I can submit pull request. The blog seems to point to private github repository.

RickFleischer3 months ago

I can sometimes jump too quickly to a fix but when the high level shutdown was taking so long, I would have gone lower. Like I said, that's just me.

sherylhohman3 months ago

Typo on your "Always on" page, linked to in an marketing email :

"...get one with your life"

should be:

"...get on with your life"

killergriffn3 months ago

dude there is an underground chat lmao

Whippingdot3 months ago

Hey @amasad sorry to ping but I wanted to ask, can you please make an rss feed for this. I really want one. You released the blog post on the chatting with this and I didn't know it came out 😔😔😔😔. I like being in on things. Please try creating an RSS Feed(I LOVE THE BLOGS)

programmeruser3 months ago

@amasad there's a bug in the bad-words package that causes this to throw an error occasionally. If you try to clean a string with only symbols or emojis it crashes. The workaround stated was to append "ABC" to the string and remove it after the clean, maybe you could try that?

Codemonkey513 months ago

Hi blog :O

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