adventure quest
adventure quest
Published on Apr 13, 2021

Just a little text game I made :3

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Blackout43441 week ago

Dang thats nice! I made an adventure game too, its a bit longer, but I love the way you made yours!

G0RG34 weeks ago


NiklasJohnsson11 month ago

Cool game! Next time I will touch the Squid!

SomeOSCMember1 month ago

This was pretty cool overall, but maybe you can add a few things if you have the time:

Make the user press enter to read the next line of code instead of printing it all at once. You can define a function for this.

Have each decision have an impact on something that happens later-- For example, if the user gave a beggar money, they would be rewarded later on in the game somehow [maybe they could get stuck in a battle and then get saved by the beggar who was pretending to be one? Maybe the beggar was a master of magic in disguise that granted magic to the user for showing kindness?]

Make the negative impacts on the user [like the squid ink and the cramp from eating a sandwich] cause them problems later on in the game-- For example, if the user had squid ink all over their shirt, they could be denied into the Temple City because they have a rule that forbids any reference to seafood. It could be something completely stupid and random, like that.

Make a little more interaction. For example, instead of asking for the user's name and then just "yes" or "no" questions, you can add other interactive inputs like "You see a shark! Press D to dodge it!" or something like that. You can even go as far as making a shop, making possible crafts, making the home at the end customizable, and more!

Also, why is it that if you don't make a proper input [either 0 or 1] it prints literally everything? That's a bit odd...

Vortexblazer992 months ago

good and bad

CoderSoilder2 months ago

Okay so first i don't want to spread hate but i would love for it to have a litle bit of an slow down so the player can read everything properly secondly, when you are making an game you can't really be lazy becuse then the game won't really be as good so ppl will play it agin.

But it still was fun to play! Thank you dear developer that you made this!

-Cheers CoderSoilder

SiddharthNarsai2 months ago

How did you add so much tags

tazer9002 months ago

Heyo guys!

I have an important announcement regarding Adventure Quest

Go to this link to find out what it is:

Balraj6i113 months ago

I love ur jokes

TheRisingBoar3 months ago

This is pretty cool, but I think it would be best if you shortened the text inbetween choices so that the user cna read it easier. Als try and make random events so that the story isn't always straight forward

adrieniscool3 months ago


gumark4 months ago

no offense but this is trash

Nathanielx3rd5 months ago

This is fire, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

ellayxwang7 months ago

wow tis game is fantastici love it!!

Monisha218 months ago

awesome! i really liked it! good job!