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Created on Feb 2, 2021
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RayhanADev4 months ago

Hiya, I guess I'm giving you feedback :). I agree with most of the people here, spotlight pages are great and all but I could do with getting and option to switch them on and off! Also I figure you will be phasing out ReplTalk with your new "Explore" page, and it will be great just like all things on Replit, but I don't like idea of phasing out ReplTalk. I've been here for almost a year and the one feature that keeps attracting me is ReplTalk, a friendly and awesome forum for coders. I love the current model of sharing projects (posts on ReplTalk), and I firmly believe that sharing only project repls is not as great as giving content in posts and sharing a project. That's just what I think, hope you read through this without getting a migraine :D. ~ Ray

jim_r5 months ago

It used to be that I could point someone at a particular file in a repl with a link, e.g.:

[ ]

Now it just dumps you on the empty Spotlight page, and you have to go to "Code" and then root out the file yourself.

Is there any workaround for this?

On the whole I think I would prefer people to land on my repls in "Code" view. Maybe there could be an option to enable Spotlight per repl, and land on a page?

JustA65 months ago

I don’t like that this is on by default, as sometimes people would definitely NOT want people commenting “tHeS DUSnt wORK” when I am working on something. Further more, I do not want to see Repl talk being phased out. I like the upvoting, cycles and posts. So only if you made the spotlight page like it’s own post, I would not support this. Plus the point I made earlier about spotlight page being able to be turned on or off, this would make spotlight pages basically like a post at this point. So then there would be no need for spotlight pages. You could just have an option to link a repl to a post.

Tdlr: I would like for spotlight pages to not exist, and instead have posts linked to repls.

flyhaozi5 months ago

This is awesome!! Please also make it embeddable, It's much better than current embed version.

potatojs5 months ago

hi, they are you cool but i would prefer a button that's gonna enable and enable people from viewing the page,because sometimes i'm working on something and someone is just likeiT DoSn'T WoRk!!

swelinnhtoon5 months ago


potatojs6 months ago

this is.. so damn COOL I LOVE IT

zachcs6 months ago

Not a fan of this being on by default. Please make it off by default, with an opt-in option for specific Repls, with an option to share a spotlight URL as @thecoder876 suggests.

thecrewmate8766 months ago

Please make it so that team repls that you don't have access to automatically open in Spotlight mode. Now, for them to open in Spotlight mode, you need to add ?view=1 to the end of the URL. Example: opens in code view even if you don't have access, but does. also does.

Kookiez6 months ago

I think it would be nice if you could have a description in the repl spotlight; your repl description could say what it does. Also, it would be nice to be able to copy & paste pictures in the spotlight pages commenting.

BD1036 months ago

Ah yes. Trolling decreases by 40%. (Good job, these spotlight pages are really refined! I like the style!)

MrFurbank6 months ago

Please add the ability to delete comments on your REPLs or turn off commenting as an option.

karlhorky6 months ago

Like I commented on Twitter, this new design is not great for our workflow with - would love to be able to see the code next to the final product, for multiple reasons.

Maybe it could be a preference that user's can turn off.

Whippingdot6 months ago

I have a question. I don't understand what will happen to repl talk if you make explore. Repl talk is where you share your posts and people upvote it. Then what will explore be? Will it have upvoting or will it just be a place where you can see repls that are in-progress and you can help the owner by giving suggestions and help

DynamicSquid6 months ago

Wow, awesome!! I have high hopes for this feature!

ch1ck3n6 months ago

You should make a search repls thing where you don't have to share a post to make is visible

FloCal356 months ago

Add a way the user can see their spotlight page without having to view someones comment

ch1ck3n6 months ago

You should add the file tree

PaoloAmoroso6 months ago

Looking forward to the ability to have full-page output for X Window graphical REPLs in Spotlight pages, and possibly also in workspaces.

angrydoge6 months ago

Very cool! But maybe add a report feature because people are already taking advantage of it and advertising and cursing

Codemonkey516 months ago

I see you 👀

and ur blog post
masfrost6 months ago

Spotlight pages best pages