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VolantOS - An operating system made with Volant (Check the jam section)
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Always nice to see more OSDev!

Python.js - The js library meant to be like python!
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normal js can literally do all this stuff in the same amount of code...

The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
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1810 bytes just to print "hello":

x=list(str(sum([*map(lambda x:sum([*map(int,(bin(ord(x))[2:]))]),'hello world!')])*(1<<1|1)));y=x[9//2//(9//2)];x[654**0<<1]=x[3>>1];x[(10^1)&1]=eval(chr(ord('Y')+(2<<4)),locals());x=__import__('htam'[::~0]).sqrt(int('abc'[:8*(2>>3)].join(x)));x=int(x//4*(2<<2>>1))+[~~(1&1&1&1&1&1&1)][0];x*=len(hex(3735928559)[[*[2<<1>>1]][0]:]);print(chr(x),file=getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))+'y'+chr(ord('t')-1)),'stdout'),end='');x=str(6+(2&3^2&3))+[*map(str,[*[int(str(6))+(6//2)]])][0];y=int((int(x)|[*[4*((34^34)|1<<3)]][0]));i=sum([*[*[*[y if ~((int(x)*c)>y) else 0 for c in range(5^5,int(str(10)*2,base=2<<1>>1),5%2)]]]]);i=int(str(i)[:~0]);z=getattr(__import__(chr(int('12'[:5&abs(~0)]*(1<<1|1)))+chr(i+(1<<2|1<<1|1)+int(hex(7)[2:],base=16))),'sys');getattr(z,'stdo'+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+8))+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+7))).write.__call__(chr(i));d={'ba'+[*[chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))]][0]+chr(int(bin(5)[2:])):2};x=ord(getattr(__builtins__,'ch'+chr(ord('R')+[*[2<<4]][0])).__call__(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),**d))-(2<<1))));x=eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals())*(eval(type(5).__name__)(chr(eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals()))));x=int(x-(round.__call__(x//((7>>1)&2),-1)));a={'end':'end'[:2-(~~2)]};print(chr(x)*2,**{**a,**{'file':getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))+chr(ord('n')+int(str(10)*2,base=2)+5%2)+chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))),'_'*2+'stdo'+'u'+chr(ord('n')-ord('n')+ord('t'))+'_'*2)}});x=str(ord.__call__(chr(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),base=2)%2+eval('~'*5+chr(48))))))*(1<<(5&(1<<0))));x=eval('__builtins__.__dict__')['chr'].__call__(int(x)+int(x[:[*[(5&1&1&1)+1]][0]])+int(x[:[*[1]][0]]));d={};print(x,file=getattr(eval('s',d) if not exec('import '+ord('y').__getattribute__('__repr__').__call__().replace('1','s').replace('2','y')+';s=sys',d) else None,'stdout'),end='');

Try it online!

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@amasad ok, cool! on another note, what plans does the repl.it team have for cycles in the future? are they going to just stay like they are, or what?

Making your own programming language with Python
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If anyone is interested, I would really recommend checking out sly. It's a great lexing+parsing library for Python, and it lets you skip a lot of the harder parts of lang dev.

Pixel Jam - A small game for the Kaboom Jam
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@RayhanADev pro gamer move

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I tried sticking a fork in the toaster and I got electrocuted and died. 0/5 stars.

SIMP! The language
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@Leroy01010 no it isn't. They are right; this is not a language, and it is most definitely not how you are supposed to make a language.

Human Worth Calculator
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@TaylorLiang what do you mean? on the dark web people go for, like, $20!

When can I vote?
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@Bookie0 @EpicGamer007 btw, we're supposed to keep politics off repl talk - perhaps move to discord?

When can I vote?
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@EpicGamer007 eh... the political system is set up so a certain amount of pandering had to be done.

Pence is also very chill. If you watched the vp debate you know how bad kamala did compared to pence. I would rather Pence become president than any of the other 3

ngl i bet he'd violate the seperation between church and state at some point. he's basically trump's yes-man though, i can't see him doing much important stuff. (for the record, he was the head of the pandemic task force; you can see how that went!)

When can I vote?
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@DynamicSquid ruby-esque semantics, a nice stdlib, very pog macros, c interop, and a super idiomatic api. one of my favorite features (though i haven't had the pleasure of using it, i feel it's a good example) is the time api:

p 1.days.from_now

would print out the datetime 1 day from now. plus, shards, the package manager, is super cool.

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@codecademy123 oH bOy My PoSt Is GeTtInG sO mAnY vOtEs Im GoNnA gEt CyClEs

s p a c i f y - w r i t e t e x t l i k e t h i s
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Instead of having the default value of the input be Type here, set the placeholder to Type here, so the text disappears when the user starts typing.

Python Tutorial (not all)
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@Zuhdi28 templates aren't for teaching, this is the board for the template competition...

Slime Text Game
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How smart are you?
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@Uzalii 69/10

How smart are you?
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@Uzalii i got e/10

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@TaylorLiang code golf is my favorite sport

Give me your problems!
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@Haaruun my favorite case is ___uGLy___caSE___

Adventure Game
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You stay still, the tiger is not stupid, it attacks you. Great game!

🍑PEACH🍑 programming language
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Wow, this is awesome!

[Beta 1.0] repl.email - an exclusive, but fully functional email service
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Wow, this is great! IMO the frontend has a few minor issues, but overall amazing work!

Looking for Teammates for Jam
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I would be willing to help. I know some Ruby and NodeJS/Python. but I'd prefer to work in a faster language like Rust if that is an option.

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@JosephSanthosh Well then, I apologize. Sorry for your loss.

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Every Upvote is prayer for these unfortunate victims.
Are you serious? Covid-19 is a serious issue; Don't use it to farm cycles.

The L Programming Language

@roylatgnail and look, 5 upvotes
vs. 54 for a bunch of functions and classes