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Created on Jan 14, 2021
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EthanShah21 day ago

you can just spam space and fly above everything

FrancisPan5 days ago

I hacked it. in the console you can do 'score = Infinity'

ahmedo1234545 days ago

I GOT 108

AmefiaDev1 week ago

10/10 very well made :)

javeriaqureshi2 weeks ago

I could not even play it once cuz I am using an Ipad and it does not have any spacebar huh!.

NDcoder2 months ago

you should add a kill thingy if you go above the pipes


AndrewMarkarian2 months ago

I'm out of the map! YAY!

ThomasCermak2 months ago

you can fly above the pipes

Rayan813 months ago


jeanenchanted3 months ago

how long can you spam the spacebar game!!!

KavinKumarappan3 months ago

=My friend got a 100, I got a 83 because my friend said that I had to stop

Executec3 months ago

FLYINNNNNNNN ABOVE THE PIPES AND GETTING THE SCORE OF 7943947380568379847967(um, you might wanna fix that btw)

LightningDrago13 months ago

another oneis 856

LightningDrago13 months ago

i got 678

toni20k3 months ago

I hacked it

mrslep3 months ago

@nerfmaster got 54 because my hand started hurting from clicking space lol

ShauryaPandey33 months ago


ReymondSanchez3 months ago

lol just spam space. But overall great.

LifiedaDoggo3 months ago

I really love it! Made it to 49 but then... I died...

nerfmaster3 months ago

if u hold space bar you can jump levels

nerfmaster3 months ago

made it to level 35 by using a hack

NingLinLin3 months ago


Mathisk10853 months ago


NDcoder3 months ago

This is really good! My high score is 13.

Whippingdot3 months ago

Bruh this is good but LOL The pipes stop at the end of the screen so you can spam space and never lose.

tangert3 months ago

really smooth and polished, i think some instructions to show you need to press space would be helpful