Repl Talk Redesign
Repl Talk Redesign
Repl Talk Redesign

We are redesigning Repl Talk and want your feedback!

We are focusing the Repl Talk feed on Repls instead of posts. You’ll still be able to write about your Repls, but every post will live on your Repl’s Spotlight page.

Not everyone will see part of the redesign, but if you notice things are a bit different, please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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AmazingMech24182 days ago

For some reason, I got an error when trying to post my comment, saying I used a bad word in it although I didn't, so just check out the markdown file in this repl.

DaCuteRaccoon2 weeks ago

I can't ask a question. How do I make a post (other than sharing a repl) with the new update???

TomCritchlow3 weeks ago

Broken - doesn't load the talk page it's supposed to. I just see a list of recent questions

USus13 weeks ago

No. Get rid of it!

VFDan3 weeks ago

All the old links no longer work.

XDHS3 weeks ago

The new design is terrible. 1) It's not obvious how to even ask a question! The #1 thing that Talk is for is difficult to do!! 2) When using search, links can't be opened in new tabs. Doing so just loads the Talk 'all' pages. This also then breaks when using search engine links into Talk.

Mathman053 weeks ago

How can I ask anything with this new design? Also, there's too much white space, please go back to the old design while refocusing.

KironDevCoder4 weeks ago

How the hell do I ask something in ?

PixiGem4 weeks ago

we cant even upvote/like comments, WE CANT EVEN SORT POSTS BY NEW IN OTHERS PROFILES

PixiGem4 weeks ago


PixiGem4 weeks ago


we need the old design back :)

driftless1 month ago

Can't find "Add A Post" Button

tussiez1 month ago

Long posts are too hard to read!

RhinoRunner1 month ago

can it be changed back, apps just looks and feels much worse

Golden0mudkip1 month ago


Evanlicious1 month ago

In the main Repl talk page, I think the spacing between the posts is a bit too much. I prefer the older layout more, but I can understand if more people like this one.

DonoldJTrump1 month ago

@amjad the runs and the comments are the same. That is probably not right and needs to be fixed.

BearCoder011 month ago

I think repl is restoring the repl fisics, now this will be a good update

SixBeeps1 month ago

Ask has pretty much been obliterated in terms of being able to look at other people's code. If someone wants help with a web project / something that uses VNC and has an error in the console, you need to fork the Repl to see what's happening.

ParrotDev2 months ago

I like it, but I found a bug/issue/whatever you call it - When you type a search in the search bar, then switch topics, the search doesn't copy over when it looks like it stays in the box. To make the search register, you have to delete your search, click off the box, the re-search it. It's not that big of a deal, its just something I found. Thanks!

ionX2 months ago

Please bring back the old talk layout!!!!!!!!

ReenigneArcher2 months ago

This is sooo bad

BearCoder012 months ago

Is repl even listening to what our thoughts are?@plscodeinjava

plscodeinjava2 months ago

this redesign is going to make many, many people stop making cool projects, or even leave repl altogether. Maybe could you explain WHY you're doing this??? I really loved it the other way

plscodeinjava2 months ago

im sorry but this is actually bad, is there a way to restore this? LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO USE YOUR SITE, WE LIKED IT BETTER THE OTHER WAY

angrydoge2 months ago

I think everything is just... to round now. Plus Replit apps basically replaced Repl talk. I thought that wasn't going to happen :(

BearCoder012 months ago

I dont know if this has anything to do with the update but i can get - notifications

BearCoder012 months ago

The lay out is very nice and clean (agreed with @LeviathanCoding that space) But what really make this new update a terrible update is that it destrories the repl fisics.

Get upvotes, not the heart

Better posting desc, no comment as a post

No "ginving 5 cycles to the correct anwser", That make it useless to help people (no tread no doing)

No posting, but it sharing

No leaderboard, but pinned post (these aren't bad but put the board benead it)

I think many people agreed with me.

Just restore the repl fisics. And this will be a great update. And I think many people agreed.

MikeW32 months ago

I don't like new design at all old design was noice

JWZ62 months ago
New Redesign!

Sadly, it has many issues:

  • You need to share a repl in order to make a post

    • Annoying for people who want to ask or share a tutorial

  • Too much whitespace (I agree with @LeviathanCoding )

  • Where's the old upvote button!

  • The description of the post is basically just a comment

I hope you bring back the old design!

MiaChillfox2 months ago

Having to share an empty project to post a question is a downgrade on usability.

RBGoat2 months ago

Can someone please help? I can't figure out how to make a new topic in ask. I am quite dumb, so help would be much appreciated.

AcaiBerii2 months ago

I hate that there is no way to preview posts without going directly to the comments of the REQUIRED shared repl.

BearCoder012 months ago

Give us an option use the new posting and sharing and the old one

themajikspoon2 months ago

Tbh I absolutely hate it. Whenever I want to post a Talk, I HAVE to share a repl. This kinda kills the talk feature, and I think it would stop many people who have a problem with code to continue because, many people use it as a tutorial page. I think share repls should be an ALTERNATE option. I like the rounded square tho

WalterPituc12 months ago

Beginner coder here, I am completely lost with this new Talk design. I like the post/message board format.

CosmicBear2 months ago

In my opinion, this design is terrible and I think a lot of people agree. The idea is good, but I don't like it replacing Replit Talk. It would be nice if you could keep the old Replit Talk but have the option of sharing a repl. Or, have the repl sharing as a completely new category in Replit Talk. I really dislike the new design of the feed page.

JuanMartnMartn92 months ago

hola, alguien que hable español

JustCoding1232 months ago

Bring back the old talk

DexieTheSheep2 months ago

I almost never actually post my repls. I used to use Repl Talk to ask about Replit-related problems, but now I have to do it using an unrelated repl :/

BearCoder012 months ago

I want to post a repl instead of sharing it, because it doens' t give upvotes if people click on the heart. Please bring normal posting back or give us an option to do so.

RixTheTyrunt2 months ago

How can I turn that new layout into the old layout again?

sn2362 months ago

@replit, I have a suggestion, like you add the explorer option maybe add an option so when that option is active then you can share a repl otherwise you can post. Because I think most of the replers want the old talk back. And some might like it to. So it solves the problem and both type of replers those who like and those who don't like are satisfied.

sn2362 months ago

Hi @replit, This new design is nice but there are a few problems, which may have been written below, first there was a nice hover effect when hovered on the share, ask, etc, which is missing now. Second if I click on share then on new then I click on ask I have to click new again which wasn't there before. Third the upvote system is not there only the like system is there so will the trending page be decided according to the number of likes. And according to me many replers liked the upvote system.I hope I was not rude, If I was then I am really sorry for being rude.

ReenigneArcher2 months ago

I cannot figure out how to ask a question (without sharing a repl). Also I cannot comment on a REPL that I shared as the "Comment" and "Cancel" buttons appear to be missing.

Even zooming all the way out, it just isn't there.

Seems that the layout needs a little bit of work.

MrVoo2 months ago

Posts inside spotlight should be OPTIONAL, re-add mark as answered, and it's too hard to tell if you upvoted something.

QuantumCodes2 months ago

Sorry, it isnt obvious how am i supposed to post... where is the post button?? I can only share repls

dbates2 months ago

no mark as answer

give old talk back

HarperframeInc2 months ago

Suggestion: Give the ability to move pinned posts to the left instead of the right (essentially just flipping the entire thing)

Also: side-by-side posts to better use white space?

CodersDigest9112 months ago

Love it! So excited!!

But, agree with Leviathan. Too much whitespace wasted.

sojs2 months ago

Just wanted to say that I love the fact that you guys have successfully found a way to mix replit apps into repl talk.Also super exited that the upvote system is not going to be completely lost, now we have hearts and runs.

so exited.

Uno problem, though... I upvoted that... where is that cool green?

Ive been with replit for 5 years now, since before I built this was a thing.As long as I have been here updates keep rolling in and I love every one of them (except that one when repl talk was completely replaced with apps with no explanation.I love the way you are slowly bringing apps into talk, but just a plead... never completely remove talk. It is wonderful.

One last thought...the board buttons.


And thats all I have to say :)Thank you replit.

BearCoder012 months ago

I have no idea if this has anything to do with the new style, but.

it dind't fix it self after a reload.

AmoghTheCool2 months ago

I am simply amazed by how visually satisfying CSS can be, but I have a bit of feedback.1. Like Leviathan said, there is too much whitespace wasted (especially on monitors or zoomed out screens)

  1. also change the shape of the board buttons back into a rounded square with that nice mono font sorry I guess I'm just not used to it

I don't mean to criticize your hard work :)

ruiwenge23 months ago

Wait how do you share a post? I can only share a repl

JBloves273 months ago

The share button isn't working, are you guys tinkering with ReplitTalk right now?

inyourface34453 months ago

The sher repl button no longer works.@replit

TheDNAHero3 months ago

I like the design, but putting the repls on spotlight is really annoying

figglediggle3 months ago

that's a bad idea. it was fine as it was before.

dudeactualdev3 months ago


Emile2021coding3 months ago

i cant find the button to ask something

HarperframeInc3 months ago


IroncladDev3 months ago

I really think replTalk is looking nice, but of course I have a sharp eye for design and there are some things I would like to point out.

So overall, most parts of replit look very empty on a large screen. ReplTalk's new design looks sweet and clean on a smaller screen, but when the dimensions get large, the emptiness gets large too.

Small Screen (1280x700)

My standard screen size but a little larger (1400x700 I think)

Around a Standard Desktop Size

If you know what I mean, there is a vast emptiness on the left and right sides, leaving a very skinny amount of content in the center.

I personally think a grid would be better so that you could see a bit more posts if the screen reaches a large enough size.

Okay, that being said, here is some more feedback aside from the screen sizing. The smaller details.

  • This shot right here looks kind of "floating around". Lost. Maybe some icons could replace them or they could all have an equal width. Each of them is colored differently and doesn't exactly match replit's original palette.

  • No matter what talk board I'm in, the only button I see is "share a repl". What if someone wanted to ask a question? I think it might've been a bug. Just thought I'd point it out.

  • I would recommend bringing back the older Share posts or give the user an option on which to make. I wanted to make an original share post so I turned off explorer mode, made one, and turned it back on. I get silly at times fyi.

  • The Upvote button for posts is "hiding" in the background too much. Comparing it to a newer "repl share" like button, I think it would be better if it matched.

  • This isn't totally necessary, but I think replTalk needs a filtering algorithm or a censor. Some conversations and comments can get quite vile at times. I mean, if replit's goal is to teach the world how to code, let's do it in a clean way.

I guess that's all I have for now. Stay tuned for Week Two of leviathan's super-detailed feedback.

inyourface34453 months ago

I do like the new design (especially if you could bring it to the posts page, when you click on the posts), but sometimes I would like to make a post that is not about a repl that I made (I.E things like coding questions), but I can no longer do that due to the fact that i can only post about repls. One other bug is that is not related to the explorer role, is that sometime, the cursor is slightly offset from the actual text on the screen, kind of like this:

(The grey box is supposed to be on the word algorithm, but it is offset by a little bit. )

That makes it INCREDIBLY annoying to work, and reloading can sometimes take awhile if you are working on a large project. I do not know why this occurs, but it also happens when I am not in explorer mode as well.

Th3Coder3 months ago

Hello, I'd like to share a feedback!

In my opinion, the posts are WAY too big and take too much space (at least in mobile.)

A lot of points have been made by Bookie0, and personally I agree!

I don't really have a lot to share about the new ReplTalk design, but I do have some issues as I normally use Replit in mobile devices.

Before the new user interface, some of these bugs were nonexistent. I couldn't find another place to share this feedback, so I decided to type it here. Sorry about that!

So, there are several bugs when editing a repl:

  • See that arrow next to the number 3?

    • Sometimes, the program doesn't detect the ending tag and tapping the arrow causes the entire repl to be compressed to a single lane. (No screenshot, sorry!)

    • This also occasionally causes repls to be literally UNEDITABLE. The only working way I've found around it is to code using another platform, then pasting the code in the file!

  • When downloading a file, it takes a really long time and the file is downloaded as a .txt file. I'm confident this is not a browser issue, as downloading from another website works normally!

  • Sometimes, the syntax highlighting just disappears... When you edit a certain line, the lines of code before the one you edited will turn white! This is not a big issue, so it's fine if you don't fix it :)

That's all that I found so far. Maybe there are several I forgot to mention, I'll add them later!

P.S, I really appreciate how the team is trying to make the website better and listen to people's feedbacks! Thank you very much!

Bookie03 months ago

Kinda what @JBloves27 said about the roundness and 'vagueness' of the posts, but I know many of Replit's components are becoming much more rounder and everything so I guess we'll have to get used to it. I also agree about a different state of the post on hover (shadow, border, etc.)

There's not much hierarchy in a post and it's a bit hard to distinguish what is important and what is not.

Below is one individual post.

  • You can see that the profile picture of the user is incredibly big, compared to, for example, the icon of the repl's language.

  • Then, there isn't much difference in font size between the name of the post ('Dashboard') and the 'Recent comments' header.

  • Next, the comments section takes up more than half of that post's space. I get that Replit wants to focus more on people and the community and all of that, but Repl talk (or whatever it'll be called in the future) is a primarily a place to talk code, share code, ask about code, teach and learn about code, etc. Granted, people and the community and humans behind the code are very important, but I don't think they should that much of a bigger presence (especially in the image below). Maybe the comments could have a smaller preview?

  • Also, the profile picture, name, time the post was posted, and upvotes are all not in the actual background of the post. Shouldn't they be together under the same 'container'?

  • I like the idea of a cover image; they should definitely be encorporated in the post's preview so we can get a sense of what the repl is like. Of course, many cover images don't actually represent the repls, but there's not much you can do to stop that.

  • The upvotes icon is new:

  • I think we're all used to this bright green upvote button, so it'd probably be a better idea to replace the current arrow icon.

  • The pinned posts is a great idea, and it also looks very good.

  • This 'Share a Repl' button has a cool name, but would look even better with an icon, like a + icon (although it could be confused with the 'Create Repl' button), or maybe one of the share icons that look like an arrow out of a box. Something like that, because many of Replit's buttons have icons (Create Repl, Upgrade, Home, Apps, Bugs, etc.)

  • When you share a repl, as you select one of your repls, there is a big container with a gigantic icon of the repl, the name of the repl, and its language. This information is important, but doesn't have to be in a big container with too much whitespace. Besides, the icon and name of the repl is already listed in the dropdown menu when you select a repl.

  • The main box where you write something about the post should be allowed to be rescaled vertically by the user. This is so users can go more into detail about the repl and share more about their experience. I think it'd also be a good idea to have a button or something which automatically takes the README of a repl and uses it for the description of the post.

  • The 'Style your post with Markdown' dropdown is great; it's much easier to use than having to click a link to a post to learn about Markdown.

  • Small bug; the 'Cancel' button doesn't do anything. It should probably close the 'Share a Repl' modal (but first warn the user that they'll save their work).

Gh0stHack3r3 months ago

@replit I like the regular design better than the new design but the new design is okay with me but It'll prob take awhile to adjust.

JBloves273 months ago

Heya @replit, if I say the truth, I feel like the original Replit design was best, like around when it was 2020 or the beginning of 2021. Right now, the CSS seems a bit too round and vague, if you know what I mean. You can't really see the border of each post as well, which kind of makes the CSS "vague". I (think) I do get what point you're trying to get to with the styling, but it seems too old-fashioned, or too round and "vague" (sorry for repeating that word so much).

I think maybe adding some transitional shadowing when you hover over a post might make it more real-life like as well. Or you could just make the post color opacity low, and then make it higher when you hover over it. Pretty much just add some kind of indication that you're mouse is hovering over a post, object, etc. I think by adding this, the CSS could improve in my opinion. Also, because you're redesigning the talk page, maybe consider redesigning the sidebar (where it says share, ask, jam, etc.) as well to different fonts, shapes, etc. Same thing with this, maybe adding transitional shadowing when hovering over it.

Also, let me note that the colors could blend in a bit better, so it feels like the colors are "flowing" with one another. An example screenshot is below.

The yellow can't really be seen with the white, so maybe add a darker white/gray icon in the back of the announcements icon? Also, uh, I can post in announcements:

Another thing, the triangle shows how much runs, not forks;

This doesn't have much to do with Replit talk, but with Replit Apps rather; I think you might want to add a "Add files" button like you have in Replit talk, so you can add files in Apps as well and not have to copy and paste, do it the hard way, etc.

This was kind of already mentioned before, but I think adding more transitional animation in Replit itself could work and help, without some of the transitional animation, it seems a bit dull in my opinion ('it' being Replit, sorry!). However, the new Replit Talk does look pretty cool, I just think that there could be some things you guys could work on, and that it could maybe be better.

I'm very sorry if this is criticizing your hard work. Please let me know if I'm saying some things wrongly.