Flappy Mark Game Template (legacy)
Kaboom (legacy)

Flappy Mark Game Template (legacy)
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Created on Apr 9, 2021
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Fraf-ui19 hours ago


SuperFilmyYT7 days ago

space to play

OscarAnderson1 week ago

I got 5

AdhamKhaled22 weeks ago


Lotusninja4003 weeks ago

How do you play

DakshAg073 weeks ago

We play it by pressing the space button multiple times. The face starts to jump when you press the space key then you should go between the pipe's opening.

AryaPatel144 weeks ago

how do you play it

MosesTYLi4 weeks ago

wait. How do you play it?

MosesTYLi4 weeks ago

good one!

lmg20204 weeks ago

good game!!!!!!!

35-Shrujal-Naik1 month ago


ShifanaAfreen1 month ago

I got 192

OdinMacke1 month ago


brexitbins3001 month ago

yer grannies are in ma dms. better catch them before the slippin

TanyPoli1 month ago

Use spacebar

Ryankids1 month ago

how do I do this? I think its Broken :/

avinash0011 month ago

i got 187

harrythesavior1 month ago

dude can't even get 1

jayprabhu1 month ago

what are the keys

Jessica05191 month ago

I got 182 :)

mechtank1 month ago

beat this: 13

CalMickelson1 month ago


CynthiaYeet2 months ago

I got a 76

musaid2 months ago

even i made this game

musaid2 months ago

how do we play this

musaid2 months ago

who the kota made this

HexabloxxYT2 months ago


NguyenLingg2 months ago

My highest score is 3 bruhhhh

ShwetankKashyap2 months ago

it supreeeeeeeeeeeeeem hard

GabrielaRodri152 months ago

is it just me or is this really hard

ShadowEcli2 months ago


Anurag2009072 months ago

sorry misclicked 41

Anurag2009072 months ago

LOL, I played this game for a day: High Score 412

CheeseRaider2 months ago

I litterally just got 43

BIue2 months ago


TaakshB2 months ago

I got 200

CheeseRaider2 months ago

my high score is 5beat that @rlintcsyl

NiceReceive2 months ago

What's your favorite anime?

HenryMaxMax2 months ago

Me ha gustado.

rlintcsyl2 months ago

My high score is 4.

LeenaYarkhan3 months ago

how do u even move :( every time i play it just falls down and thats it. like what are the controls?

zrungetcslj3 months ago

love it

VioletAtkins3 months ago


peyton13 months ago


Marshmello123 months ago

I just fell to my death.

revaunicorn3 months ago

horrrible did nt loaadddddd

anupam19053 months ago


beatlesfan3 months ago

i got 1

aliaotesb3 months ago

bruh didnt even start and ZERO

aariznoor3 months ago

ez i got 139

Swishy2343 months ago


Sherlock20063 months ago

very good

QuynhThach23 months ago

Great program!

codemann133 months ago


OLEGTELENKOV3 months ago

i got 13

AylinYeter13 months ago

got 8

Janaki20113 months ago

dude i only got 2

Trunghoang21793 months ago

i like it

SAbhinav3 months ago

I got 4 but very good

nbash3 months ago

i got 4 lol btw good game

ch1ck3n3 months ago

14 yey

GameDev34 months ago


GameDev34 months ago


impossible04 months ago

MY HİGH SCORE İS 0 but congrulations

axg65784 months ago

got 5 after trying 60 times

omarK654 months ago

weird game man

Benshaman4 months ago

my high was 47

Ragnarok-Studios4 months ago

My high score is 3!

CodingirlSH20214 months ago

my score was 11

elmacho2474 months ago

record 27

elmacho2474 months ago


elmacho2474 months ago


elmacho2474 months ago


elmacho2474 months ago


elmacho2474 months ago

this game is trash REEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

SamuelsNews4 months ago

How do I download this game?

Hoiimcool4 months ago


JAMESGREENE864 months ago

i got 34

julinha044 months ago

bruh my record is 0 i don't understand this game

BradleyAlbright4 months ago

i got 34

PedroNicolas13514 months ago

I got 7

DanielAmes4 months ago

I got 13

OscarFIELDING4 months ago

I got 11 lol

MeeraAl5 months ago

i got 387

AbhiramVijay5 months ago

ah ... only 6 that too after 10 attempts, that's a get work bro

in91o5 months ago

shut up

BenjaminMille165 months ago

i got 11

samgray175 months ago

get a life

AidenBennett15 months ago

My record is 16

Lokeshkumawat5 months ago

I don't understood that how to play this game.

il798li5 months ago

Bruh, my record is 1.

julinha045 months ago

it's impossible

julinha045 months ago

i don't understand this

codermaster85 months ago


codermaster85 months ago

How am I supposed to play this

CHITRAGOWDA5 months ago


RajanHill5 months ago

Amatures.....678 is my record.

EyeSpISpI5 months ago

I hate it! its so frustrating

UnknownArnold5 months ago

Woa, I got 354

LITCH10BIKING5 months ago

ayyyyyy i got 200