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Created on Feb 1, 2021
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Man if you could add the apps You look great at doing stuff like those then I would Send My Group link

bilLIOn45114 days ago


AShinKusala2 months ago


hg04283 months ago

looks good. Needs more features though

Error909Github3 months ago

dang this is good!

ErrorbotTHE2nd4 months ago

Why cant you click on the icons...

HninEaindraEain4 months ago


MahdiSoultana4 months ago

very very nice

G0RG34 months ago

Cool, is there a way this works though?

EnderMarkoth4 months ago

do more on this!! this is great!!!

TheC0derGirl4 months ago

Woa, great!

VladimirIakunin4 months ago

How do you open the apps?

BataviaShaCon4 months ago

This is awesome. Now I need to understand that .json file

VismayKNair5 months ago


NavaMajumdar5 months ago

Not gonna lie it has sick css animation

PawelK15 months ago

lol looking similiar to mine scratch OSX

JDOG7875 months ago

Not bad!

rexhall5 months ago


GL1CH3D5 months ago

Probably changed font because hen there would be (copyright issues?)

GL1CH3D5 months ago

I visit this on iPad so it’s iOS on iPadOS

TawhidRahman25 months ago

Nice make the apps work next time please

programmeruser5 months ago

Cool! Now make it so that we can load native iOS executables.

KarmaIsKrazy5 months ago

You should add like mini fake apps inside the real apps like the phone opens up a screen with three numbers that just play like a recording or something. and the Maps shows a map to pee pee creek or something other than that this is AMAZING

jagnar5 months ago

That's amazing!!! good job

NuclearSorcerer5 months ago

THAT, is a lot of div.

dragonSimon5 months ago

verry cool

JakubPalack5 months ago

Love it! Looks quite realistic too

SikePlayz5 months ago

but nice program!

SikePlayz5 months ago

I bet you can't crack this passcode generator:

tangert5 months ago

also, have you thought about zooming into the apps if you click them?

elburg5 months ago

seems cool

tangert5 months ago

super cool! I might play around and add the San Francisco font to this :)

VijayShrivarsha5 months ago

Good Job

AnnoyingPidgeon5 months ago

wow =O

Aradhay5 months ago


AsherCompton5 months ago

You should get it to have live time, that would be cool! Great coding!

Mizzentoon5 months ago

if only the apps worked

DILIPKUMAR115 months ago


5 months ago

I am really impressed with this. For a second i thought i was on my phone. XD How did you do it?