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HyperPaint BETA
HyperPaint BETA
Welcome To HyperPaint BETA Have an idea of what to paint but don't have a place to paint it? You've come to the right place. Save Paintings Save Custom Colors
ColdChat Client (chat app)
ColdChat Client (chat app)chat app in node.js using I've made many chat apps previously but I got inspiration for a simplistic-looking, console-based one from the previously trending "ctrl chat" (by blockowo). I felt bad about its many, many serious security flaws and literally zero validation. Seeing it get destroyed by exploiters made me want to start working on a secure chat app with validation, backend word filters, and and maybe with an account system. I just started working on this a day ago after scrapping that old "ColdChat" (database issues). So far I've only made the basic security infrastructure and spent about an hour on this so it's quite basic for now, but as time goes by, expect more updates! This of course isn't finished and there are PLENTY of updates planned and coming soon.
EvolutionSimulate evolution by selecting for certain criteria! This simulation tries to replicate evolution by simulating movements of little creatures named "cells". A small pet project by IcemasterEric, this turned out to work extremely well!
Summit12 months ago