Peter Nielsen

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Developer of useless programs and the occasional good bit. Python, Django, HTML, CSS, some JavaScript and C
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[HELP PLEASE] A game needs some help, Python 3
Basically, I'm wondering how to get the logic in the game (the above REPL) to check if the amount of cards in the player's hand is equal to the amount...
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Don't Blow Up! A Python Code-Guessing Game [based off of @InvisibleOne 's Defuse the Bomb]
# Don't Blow Up (inspiration credits to @InvisibleOne) This repl is a python program using simple logic to make you guess the code before the bomb blo...
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A good C tutorial
Does anybody on Repl have a good C/C++ tutorial or any recommendations on how to learn it? I'd really like to. Thanks Repl. EDIT: Thanks everybody f...
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[GAME] Spacebar clicker!
Probably the simplest python program I've made in two minutes (plus another minute to try it out). Works like a charm. Counts the number of spacebar c...
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This meme
![images]( I don't know if this is really what I sho...
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Pickling program
Simple python program that uses Pickle module to save or call information. A little cryptic in the code but ask if you wonder.
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Math: Changes to Shapes on the Coordinate Plane
This is a simple Python program that does little math scripts, changing shapes. Pretty self explanatory, look at the README and run the program. I mig...
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[Joke] Windows Diagnostic Source Code
The Windows diagnostic source code has been "leaked"! Nothing against anything or anyone. This is not official to anything. It is a JOKE and please f...