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2 years ago
Reading csv file
I am unable to open the CSV file. The path was located in the local machine.
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Firekeeper Dude, so did it work out at last?! I am having a similar issue, and I would really like to know how can I actually open this damn file. Actually, I need it as soon as possible, as my boss asked me to study that file. I have already asked for one more day, but the problem is that I haven't even opened that damn file! I have tried to open it on another platform and it also did not work. Actually, I have read some good information about csv files on and there was somethi6 months ago
ArchieMaclean You can't use files from your own computer in You will have to upload the file yourself. Click on the 3 dots in the top left and click Upload File. image Then upload your CSV file. You can then just do what you are doing, but with the file name, e.g. if the CSV file is called file.csv, then: with open('D:\Python Projects\files.csv', 'r') as data: Please mark this as the answer if it solved your problem :)2 years ago