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Running multiple pygame scripts
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Do you mean making something like and then using a function contained in that file inside If so just do "import functions" (or whatever your file name is without the .py) and when calling a function from functions you'd do: ""

Student accidentally deleted code - any way to get prior version of program?
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They should be backing up their code on Github in the future.

Functions in python
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Change the print to a return and then you can do

How do I add to variables in python?
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cost_per_pound = int(x)
total_cost = int(input("How many pounds do you need?")) * cost_per_pound

If you want cents consider using floats instead of integers. I'd recommend taking the Python 3 course on sololearn.

Edit: After looking at your code, you'd be best off making a food class with a name and cost attribute. You could remove some repeated code this way.

Do you like games?
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Start with the Godot engine, GDscript is a nice language that is very pythonic, or you could use good old cpp, either way it's hard to go wrong with Godot, it has a designated 2d and 3d engine. According to some metrics I saw on YouTube crime games are by far the most popular. Mobile App
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I would use it if it was smooth. The website is terrible on mobile, I can contribute, what technology are you using?