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guess your password
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kinda garbage

"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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instead of doing the array, you could of just done """ for multiline string.

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What is this?

Car game
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What is the game?

Python Discord Bot Template
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why python when you can use nodejs 🤔

How To Do Homework
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Very like

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Well Rip. If I did python it woudn't be that good as it can't look that good. Also I wanna learn HTML so I wanna challenge myself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ @maazzubair99

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Doesn't look too bad. It looks amazing. How do you position the things so accurately I must ask as I spent hours on how to do it and still hasn't?

A Representation of 50/50 chance
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What is this supposed to do?

colorful double helix
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Hot :D

About Foster_Bryant
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Do you have a discord?

About Foster_Bryant
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About Foster_Bryant
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How do I add you? I'll try this out, looks amazing!


About Foster_Bryant
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When you grab the data from the website, how do you separate the text? If you could can you tell me how to separate with classes?

Live stock data
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Very nice! I like the smooth look, etc. Good job!

Stock Market Visualizer
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very nice, upvote.

A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
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so sex with a car?

🌙 Dark Theme - Template
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I dont want to sound salty or anything but how is this a template?

Signup/Login Page
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It's nice, just add some CSS

BMI Calculator
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A lot of this can become smaller and better looking code. First for all your input's, you put a print before it but the input() will say a message inside the (). Ex: input("Your name is?") would ask me "Your name is?". Another is on line 5, you rewrote the value of the variable but you can do that in 1 line because input() returns and float() too. You could of done "height_m = float(input())" and the same thing with line 8. Anyways it was neat.

Python Discord Bot Template
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The Advanced Discord Template

thanks @adityaru

Disco-py (NOT bot template + extra features!
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vote, very nice!

Python 3.8 IDE
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backspace is screwed up, otherwise it's amazing!

Discord bot template in Golang

why go tho

Template for iommi
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What exact;y is Django, is it like a backend? If so, I would use Flask because I feel it's more simple. However, this was really nice!

{{ template_jam }} [EXTENDED!]

Say I won, how would you get the card, like email the code or physically send it?

Can you do savefiles with python?
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How would you do it?