Coin Hunter

@jonster5 (38)
  • Snake Game A.I.
    This is the Snake AI from my chrome extension. The gray square is the snake's spawn point, and the snake is trying to get the yellow coins
  • Node.js Chatroom
    Does anybody have any Idea how to connect to the correct port?
  • Coin Hunt
    This is Coin Hunt 2, a much better version of my original Coin Hunt that I've made for the Game Jam. play in new tab for better gameplay use arrow ke
  • Node.js Chatroom.
    Pretty self explanatory. You can chat with other people, and if you sear at all, a bot that I made will kick you from the chat.
  • A Nodejs Chatroom
    This is a chatroom that I created using Express and! I also implemented a server-side localstorage module that will save past messages. Enjo