Brad Frad

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Python and C++ Developer.
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Why are there no C++ developers on repl
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Medieval land fun time world V1.2 Castles
Version 1.1 is here!!! We have a few cool things. The NORTHERNER function!!! There is a new event in the game which is a mini-engine on its own. It is...
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SO when i tried to use ellipse() command in HTML CSS and JS repl, it yelled at me it was all like grr and i was all like ahh so... could you help me g...
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Multiply numbers without alerting your teachers!!!!!
I made this as my first ever c++ project and I am excited to broaden my horizons beyond Python.
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Variables, Variable class, and F string tutorial.
Hello! This tutorial is for those who are new to python and have heard this term before but don't know what it means. What is a Variable? A variable i...
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Highly Aggressive Trivia
do not disappoint the trivia machine!!!
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Awesome game
Hi! look at the patchlog for edits and comment if you have questions. Enjoy the game!!!
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Game I made in 20/30 minutes
This is a relatively simple yet quite entertaining game I made, I stole the idea from so I made myself a little rendition of it! Enjoy...
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Medieval Land Fun Time World V1.1 THE NORTHERNER UPDATE
This is my game, and it is in early development. By 2.0 we will have some really cool stuff and an awesome framework for this medieval-themed RPG!!! Y...