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Summers Bootleg Super Smash Bros Updated

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Published on Aug 10, 2022

This is a 2 player game where the goal is to attack and defeat the other player's character. There are 36 characters to chose from that each have 2 attacks. Each player has a health of 100, and you should attack the other player to reduce the other person's health and you win of the other player has their character at 0 health.

Player 1 controls: Use the arrow keys (Up arrow for jumping) and the o and p keys for each of the attacks.

Player 2 controls: Use WASD (W for jumping) and the z and x keys for each of the attacks.

Items: In order to use items, you must use one of the attack keys. If you attack a burger, you will get 5 extra health. If you attack a poison mushroom, you will lose 5 health points. If you attack a normal mushroom, you will double in size and power.

Credits mainly go to Nintendo, Sega, and the other companies that have characters here.

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