Erik Holmes

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Middle school student interested in building up programming experience, especially in Python.
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Package Help
Hello! I created a small database module in Python and uploaded it to PyPI. It shows up in the packages tab on, but when I run "import datawav...
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What should I do?
Hello! I'm having trouble thinking of what to do with coding next. I have a pretty good grasp of the advanced concepts of Python, but I'm getting bore...
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Importing Help
I made my own python package and uploaded it to PyPI. I added the package through the packages tab, and that seemed to work. But when I run the progra...
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XML Support?
I want to use XML to define part of my website, but whenever I try to run XML, the repl always ends up crashing. Is this a known issue, and if so, is...
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How to parse JSON data from a .env file.
I've been tasked to create an elective-sorting program for my school, which I'm super excited about. My plan was to use Pycharm on the school PC's and...
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DataBorealis: A localized database module for Python.
This is a simple database module that reads from a text file, and can query or insert data if the text file is formatted correctly. See the [PyPI page...
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How to call a python function on <button> click?
I'm making a simple collector game with Flask, and I want to run the "new idol" function when the user presses a button. I've googled this, but all th...