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  • Python Custom Packages
    Python Custom Packages If you have created your own custom python package and wish to use it in Replit there are two options to add it : PyPI Method T
  • Talkly - Posting App
    Inspired by created by @poggypotato. I am clearly worse at coding than @poggypotato so I made mine run in the console (I will try and get it t
  • Tash - Shell
    I am trying to create a shell. But I get an error that I tried to debug by making pathgAb a global variable, but I still get the error. Here is the
  • what does it mean?
    I wrote a program to open google and get the search results and it used the same concept as (googleabl
  • Why is wrong?
    // Addition if (mode.Equals("+")) { a = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); b = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); Console.W
  • slice not working
    Calculator Broken I tried to make a JavaScript calculator where you can do this sort of thing: 3*4 and get the result printed to the console but some
  • I just don't get it
    I was writing code to handle files and I kept getting an error that didn't make any sense here is the code (i included it all because I didn't know wh
  • I need python help for a project
    I wanted to print a picture of an apple so I used /n to get a newline but it didn't work can you help? this was the code: https://storage.googleapis.c
  • replit-Terminal
    a simple Command-Line for Replit. I really dunno why I made a program with bash but errm.. I did. either download this for your own computer or use it