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The End Of The Outsider

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The End Of The Outsider / Logan University

vdv= k'dx. ∫vdv= ∫k'dx. v 2 = 2k'x + 2C' where C' is a constant. v=√ (kx+C) Now,v=dx/dt. dx/√ (kx+C) =dt. ∫dx/√ (kx+C) =∫dt. x = (αt+β) 2 ,where α and β are some constants. Now ,I would like to know how do we solve the equation d 2 x/dt 2 = k' by direct integration.
What Does The Fox Say but the dog says "Ed...ward..." and there's only audio and it's cut off because of copyright reasons.That's totally what the dog says, ...
The first easiest methods for finding the number of valence electrons for carbon atom or any different atoms, first look at the periodic table, if you prope

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