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Guardami negli occhi by by Giovanni Montanaro

Giovanni Montanaro
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

Reunion, the final episode of Joe Nobody's popular Apocalypse Trails series, finds Commander Jack Cisco nearing the conclusion of his quest to locate his family. For months now, Jack has suspected that Mylie and the girls are living in an underground laboratory in the Texas Hill Country. The clandestine compound's location has been a mystery, until finally, a fellow survivor tells the commander how to find it. With Hannah at his side, Jack encounters the worst of the post-apocalyptic world during the journey, the two scouts barely escaping with their lives. When they finally discover the subterranean complex, they determine that indeed, Jack's wife and daughters are inside. The facility appears to be a bunker, designed by an eccentric physician whose motives are troubling. Indeed, i

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