Get out of Class with this Pass! xd
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Teacher, Building Aggressivly told me that I have to Build today!
Teacher, Ruby Bravely told me that I have to Approv today!

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@ia13ru So, what I think @DanielGreynold1 means is that instead of this:

# big text block
# no breathing room!

Do this:

# space in between
# plenty of space!
Life Portrayed By Python - Episode 1
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20th upvote! :)

🦃 Turkey Translator!!! 🦃
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now i know how to say pog in turkey! :D

c# Intergarions?
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What do you want to do? If you want to write a Discord bot in C#, try using DiscordSharp. It's the only one I could find with documentation.

run your repl to see output error
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Try it again, improved the graphics engine. From the newsletter:

We promised we would improve the graphics quality of our repls, and this is where we start. The native graphics experience is faster, more reliable, and elegant. Common issues like applications not launching and window resizing have been fixed. In addition, to improve the Java swing experience, all Java repls now have 4x the power to compile code. If you’re a nerd like us and are interested in the changes we made, check out our article on our new system.

MAGMA: A game about not dying
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On iPad you can't die
And why octopuses?

Oh, a game to play when your bored
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Awesome game! I got an error AttributeError: 'Place' object has no attribute 'population' but otherwise great game!

Is it me or are there more spam posts than usual?
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I haven't been on very long, but I can't recall seeing any spam until last week with "i like anime".

Computer Prank - Send Link to Your Friends!
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oh goodness

Online Minecraft!
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wow, this is amazing

Tutorial: Building a Discord bot with Node.js
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thank you for this tutorial! it works very well.